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Questions related to "moment.js" library, which is used to parse, validate, manipulate, and display dates and times in JavaScript.

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JavaScript\moment.js function won't change date

I have date fields that I need to run calculations on. Its a 3 step process. Run date through function to compare against holiday list, if date matches a date listed in holiday list, push forward 1 ...
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SP Online rest API datetime-column value inconsistency And how to compare the dates ...
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Function always return same value instead throw else clauseif condition is not valid

I have this query running from JSLink into list. It get current time from moment.js and compare date with sharepoint column ctx.CurrentItem.Cumplimiento; and return result into column ...
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Formatting a Date from a SharePoint List using Javascript and Momentjs

I'm querying a SharePoint list using a JavaScript file and returning the results to a HTML page. All the results are coming back fine, but the results from the date column 'DeviceAvailableFrom' is ...
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How to refer js file in item display template

I am trying to refer the moment.js file in display template for search content webpart. I have a display template with item template and control template. In the item template i am trying to add ...
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