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Issue with SharePoint List not showing all content in one column (rich text)

I am having issues with SharePoint List. It is not showing all the content on my SharePoint page. Is there a code I can use to increase the height? It is rich text and from what I have read, it is not ...
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0 answers

Missing Edit form in SharePoint

I have a serious problem with the Edit Form on one of my lists. It has disappeared. I opened it to look at and know that you cannot make changes to it, doesn't allow changes. So I abandoned the idea ...
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1 answer

ConvertTo-PnPClientSidePage does not create a Title area

I have used the following PowerShell command to convert some of my classic pages to modern: ConvertTo-PnPClientSidePage The pages look OK, however it is missing the top Title area. How do I create/re-...
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Test-SPContentDatabase returns missing features... unremovable

Test-SPContentDatabase has found missing features. Some I can remove and some unremovable, because the script If($web.Features[$featureID]) or If($Site... doesn't find anything. I'm sure to copy ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Permissions group users exist but not displayed

I have several users added to a group permissions. I can see their names if I roll the cursor over check boxes, but otherwise, their names are not displayed. Anyone know why this would happen?
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1 answer

Follow and Share Button is missing from SharePoint online [duplicate]

follow and share Button is missing from SharePoint online site. have activated the following content even though the options are not displaying. is there any option?
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1 vote
0 answers

SP16 - After install webpart missing under development folder

When i install SPFx webpart in my on-prem server. In Developer site i want to add this webpart in page. Folder Under development is missing.
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