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Metrics are numbers that tell you important information about a process under question

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Is it possible to get SharePoint Online usage metrics for one modern page?

I know SharePoint Online has usage metrics about the whole site but, is it possible to get some more granularity for each page? I mean, is it possible to get the people that visited the home page or a ...
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Delta from when a multiple choice option changes values

I am working to create some generic reporting for a list I have created. The list works based on the values in various fields. The field I am currently stuck on, is the field named: "Status" Ideally, ...
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How accurate is the Site Setting/Storage Metrics menu for content database size?

I'm speccing a Site Collection, it's been proposed to merge two site collections in to a single, global site collection. I've read that a site collection has a 100GB recommended limit, so I'll go ...
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How to find the storage metrics based on file type in SharePoint Online

We would like to know if it's possible to get the storage metrics based on document type for a SharePoint Online site collection meaning how much space is occupied by each type of document. Let me ...
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Creating summary metrics/tables from list data

I wondering if the below mockup is achievable within SharePoint. I have a list containing a number of checks, each which have a type and status (Pending/Complete/Approval Needed), is it possible to ...
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Enabling/Calculating Storage metrics

If I go in the storage metrics of my Sharepoint 2013 the most items has the following: Not available 0,00% 30.12.1899 01:00 Is there something to set? How do I recalculate it?
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what does % of parent mean in a site collection storage metric report

So I'm looking at a storage metric report for a site collection and I see one document library that is using up 99.98% of the parent...what does that mean and would this have any affect on saving ...
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Is there a way to see how many times a document has been downloaded for a Doc Lib?

I have a document library in which my client would like to see how many times a document has been downloaded. Is there a way to see how many hits the PDF in the Doc lib has - through usage or stats? I ...
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Usage data from list items (Number of downloads, number of likes)

I have a list that allows people to add items and attachments. Is there a way to track usage metrics such as number of downloads or most "liked" (there is a like column in the sharepoint list)? List ...
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