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How to find the owner of a Sharepoint calendar?

My organization uses a SharePoint calendar to track leave, we now have a new supervisor, but nobody knows who owns the calendar to have them give the new supervisor permission to edit it. Is there a ...
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SharePoint Workflow 2013 doesn't run

Good day! I have SharePoint Farm 2016 installed on computer without Internet Connection. For this computer I installed Workflow Manager 1.0. The step «Add host to Workflow Farm» failed, but previous ...
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Workflow Manager installed but SharePoint designer doesn't recognize it

I have installed and configured Workflow manager using Microsoft Web Platform installer. The configuration is showing as accurate and the workflow service application shows that it is connected but ...
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Sharepoint 2013 Workflow Manager site stopped

I have a SharePoint 2013 server farm with a web server (lets say SERVER-web) and an app server (let's say SERVER-app). The Workflow Management Site is installed on both, under IIS. They each have an ...
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Workflow Manager Registration

I ran Workflow Manager on the server. In the SharePoint shell I have been running the following command with [myservername]/[mysitecollectionname] being the actual URL of server and site collection. ...
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Workflow manager WorflowHostUri

I cant find any reference to what exactly the -WorkflowHostURI is for. Do I need to create the URI first? or does the tag create the URI for me? is that the site I need to go to manage my workflows ...
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Sharepoint 2013: Where'd the Design Manager Customisation Go?

We had a vendor set up our SharePoint 2013 site for us with custom branding and look and feel. I've used the Design Manager (Site Settings->Change the Look and selecting a built-in composed look) to ...
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Sharepoint 2013 - design manager vs custom VS solution

I would like to know what the benefits/disadvantages are for using the design manager to brand a publishing site? I come from the SP 2010 world where a site collection scoped feature would be ...
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Why is the SP Manager Install failing?

I tried to install Sharepoint Manager 2010, which I got from here ...but it failed with: Where is the LoaderExceptions property, or does anybody know what the issue might be? This is a Windows 7, 64-...
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MS Service Manager Portal - app pool account permissions

Apologies if this is a stupid question, but I've installed the SM Portal following advice on various articles, and they all seem to say to run the portal app pool as the Service Manager service ...
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