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Exception calling "StartWorkflowOnListItem" with "3" argument(s): "subscription"

I can't find anything on Google about this and I've been searching for a while. I'm trying to call a SharePoint 2013 List Workflow on each item within a given list. Add-PSSnapin microsoft.sharepoint....
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Copying list item to another list based on department selected in list

I'm attempting to set up a workflow that can copy a list item to another list based on the department selected. So there would be 5 different potential web parts the list item could be copied to. How ...
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Fill Item fields automatically based on Person-Field

What I want to achieve: Automatic filling of some personal specific fields in a SharePoint List based on a person field like mail address and/or the phone number. What I have tried so far: A List ...
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SharePoint Designer workflow that updates a field to a value after a submission or edit with an attachment

Is there a way to update a field within SharePoint Designer workflow whenever an attachment is added to a submission or edit? So someone submits a new form or an edit. They add an attachment. They ...
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Getting SharePoint 2010 workflows running on SharePoint online list

I am trying to get the SharePoint 2010 workflows running on the SharePoint list directly from the list name and not entering the list item. But PnP PowerShell syntax needs me to enter the List item as ...
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SharePoint 2013 workflows not working on single subsite

So here is an interesting question for anyone that might have any insight. Some Background I have recently worked on the creation of a site that needed a ton of workflows in the background, it uses ...
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Publish SPD List Workflow to all subsites

SharePoint Online: We have created one list workflow in SharePoint designer and published it in one subsite. But now we want to publish/deploy this workflow to same list (eg: Requests) in all subsites....
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