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how to delete item comments with PnP?

How can I make the delete() function of the IComments interface work? The promise of then() returns an ICommentInfo interface and delete() doesn't work.
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Get all comments from modern Site pages in SharePoint Online

I have a requirement to fetch all the comments from all the site pages in a SharePoint Online site collection date wise. Is there a way to achieve it using Powershell? I will be creating a timer job ...
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Problematic ‘go to comments’ emailed link from mentions

We are having an odd issue with mentions/comments for a list we have in SharePoint 2019. When a user does a mention and creates a comment it sends the email you would expect to the user with the ‘go ...
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How can I display a "View Comments" link on a list item only when comments exist?

My SharePoint list has a column for comments. It used to display a link to "View Comments" for every list item, though, even if there were no comments. Not helpful, since a user would have ...
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How to mention another user in a list item?

Is there anyway that I can mention another user in a list item? For example, I have a multi line field called Comments. In order to mention another user, I will type in that field @username. Then the ...
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