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Hyperlinks / HTML / Rich Text in list column fields

I know there're couple older questions regarding this out there. But I wanted to ask an up to date question. By now, is there a way to use links together with text in a SharePoint list column field? ...
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URL Trimming issue in SharePoint Online Hyperlink Column

While adding hyperlinks in SharePoint Hyperlink column, few links are getting trimmed. As default it should accept 255 characters and the URL that I used not exceeded this limit.
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Column with lookup doesn't show the selected list columns

I am having a trouble with lookup column from one list to other list, the columns are not showing in selection. I have list called Business Case and list Status report, I would like to add some of the ...
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Why Can't I edit a Required Column in Grid View on SharepPoint Online?

I am developing a company's SharePoint online site for internal communications. I have Full Control permissions to the entire site. I created a list called HR FAQs and want to grant editing ...
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Emailing All Persons in a Sharepoint List Person Column

Hoping someone can help here. I'm new to SharePoint and just finding my way. Within a Sharepoint list I have a person column named 'Initiative Leads'. I want the end user to be able to click on an ...
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Sorting Choices in Choice Field

I have created a list of choices in the choice field. How do I sort them alphabetically? Thanks
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SharePoint online column formatting not reading my children array in JSON object

I can get the formatting to render the background and font style for the column text but not the icons in the children element. I have messed with this for days. I must use style elements as opposed ...
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Getting a Sharepoint List Fields that are common to all content types contained in the list

I'm trying to get the list fields shared by all the content types in said List. After getting the List by its Title, I used the Fields property to get all the fields in the List: List list = ...
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REST API couldn't create list field

I am trying to create list fields using REST api. But when I call the code given below many times, it creates some of the fields and not all of them. code: function addnewfield(name){ $.ajax({ ...
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How to access 'Is Featured Discussion' column in 'Management' view discussion board list?

I want to know whether, 'Is Featured Discussion' column in Discussion Board List --> Management View is a Site Column or List Column ? How to access that column ? How to re-use that column in other ...
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Change column width in SharePoint 365, using JSON

I have a several lists containing columns with multiple lines of text. The standard column width is too narrow. I'd like to increase the width using the new column formatting functionality. I've never ...
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Create Managed Metadata Column in SharePoint Hosted Add in

I am creating a SharePoint Hosed Add-In and my requirement is, add a managed metadata list column through list schema.xml. Anyone has any idea?
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3 answers

Why can't I define 2 site columns to have the same Display names but have different Internal names

I am working on a sharepoint server 2016 on-premise. I have the following scenario, which I can not understand:- Using the UI from "Site settings" >> "Site columns". I created a new site column named ...
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JSOM: How to update lists, after adding SiteColumn to ContentType?

I have a method that adds a SiteColumn to an existing ContentType: addFieldToContentType: function(fieldSTR, contentTypeSTR, successFUN) { var clientContextOBJ = (csListBuilder.contextURL != "") ...
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