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When an item is edited in one sharepoint list, what flow triggers do you use to edit the corresponding item in another sharepoint list?

I have two SharePoint lists, Travel Requests and Travel Calendar, that are currently linked together using Flow. The first flow that I have set up, and is working appropriately, automatically starts ...
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Two related lists and a Content Query WP

I have two lists that are related. I am trying to display them with a CQWP but I never used it. How can I list the items from the parentlist with its child items? PIR 1 My question SIR 1.1 My ...
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Linked lists view

I'm using SharePoint Online via Office 365. I have 3 lists: Employees Training Certifications Training Cert Types The 3 lists are linked together via lookups. The "Training Certifications" list ...
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Endless Pop-ups Trying to Save Word with linked Excel files on SharePoint

I have a Word document saved on SharePoint 2013 that contains a large number of linked objects (tables from Excel files and bar charts from Excel files). When I click Save on the Word doc, I start ...
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Linked Data Source set as "Joined" not displaying data

I have created a "Linked Data Source" and set the type as "Joined". When I display this "Linked Data source", I am able to see the rows and columns but no data is ...
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