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2 answers

SharePoint online unlicensed users

I recently found that users can access SharePoint online without any license assigned once their permissions are added in SharePoint online. Is there any limitations if users within organisation ...
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Does anyone agree that there is ambiguity in the term 'automated' wrt retention labels and the relationship to E3/E5 licencing

As I understand it, a user can manually apply a retention label to a piece of content in SPO within an E3 licence, but an E5 licence is required if the retention label was applied automatically. But ...
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Auto applying labels & policies to SharePoint Online - Licence restrictions

I'm curious to see if anyone else has come across this, last year I played around with auto applying labels and using retention policies in security and compliance centre and it all looked good. I ...
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Office 365 - Sharepoint - Possible individual access?

I'd like to get an equivalent of the "Office 365 Business Premium" offer but for a personal use meaning that I don't want to create a company for that (it's just for some personal projects, between 3-...
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Transfer License keys of Sharepoint 2013

I want to transfer my sharepoint 2013 license keys in the new server. Can anyone tell me the process of it? Can Do like below ?: use the same key in the new installation After successfully setup ...
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The trial period for this product has expired

I recently got my hands on a SharePoint 2007 single server farm. The exact version number is This farm has been running for many years. The Convert License Type page says Office ...
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AccessDatabaseEngine (Free or Paid Version)

I want to use Datasheet view in my SharePoint site but when i clicked on datasheet view, its not opened. i need to install AccessDatabaseEngine. in my computer, i do not install Microsoft office and ...
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SharePoint Designer 2013 with SharePoint Server 2013 Trial

I have just installed SP Server 2013 Trial and SP Designer 2013 in the same machine. Using SP Designer 2013 gives me this error message: This Web site must be created on a server that is running ...
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1 answer

SharePoint online solution licensing

We are working on solution which we belive could be useful for organizations using SharePoint. We designed and implemented solution so it can be used in sharepoint online. Since we want to be selling ...
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2 answers

Where to get a product key for trial?

I want to try Sharepoint 2013 standard (not Foundation). So I downloaded it and now it asks me Enter your product key: Where can I receive this product key for trial? I thought it was the Register ...
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1 answer

Change product key by reinstalling Sharepoint

If I reinstall Sharepoint, can I change product key for new?
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Infopath Form use in SharePoint Module Need License? [closed]

I Created Custom State Machine Workflow in that workflow having Infopath Custom Form Module so we are going to deploy in production server. This Application access number end users in that time we ...
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1 answer

Is there a licence issue using the "All authorised users" type of permission group?

Is there a licence issue using the "All authorised users" type of permission group? Does it require extra CALs or is it just a synonym that doesn't matter?
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