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Left navigation which is also referred to as Quick Launch or Current Navigation in SharePoint. The current navigation is the side navigation link bar that typically links to the current site pages and other sites on the same level.

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Can we widen the column to the left so that the full text is displayed?

Can we widen the column to the left so that the full text is displayed?
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Left Navigation menu missing in all SharePoint 2019 sites

The left navigation menu disappeared from my SharePoint 2019 servers (2 Web Front Ends and 2 SQL Back Ends, all with the latest OS, SharePoint, and SQL patches) recently. I've tried the following: ...
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Left navigation stays the same

Please let me know if anyone has seen this weird behavior in SharePoint Online. I have a sub-site under a main site collection, it's a team site (ex: It ...
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How to copy left navigation from sharepoint 2013 to sharepoint online

I am moving the site from on-prime to online. I want to copy the navigation from 2013 to online for the same site using pnp powershell.
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Only System Account user can see the left navigation in SharePoint 2019 modern pages

Hello Community Members, I am facing an issue with SharePoint 2019 modern pages. When I am logged in as System Account user, I can see the left navigation menu. But other than SA no one can see the ...
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Links in Team Site Left Navigation Column Only Visible to Site Admins

I have a SharePoint Online Team Site with multiple links in the left navigation column that only the Site Administrators can see. The only customization on the site is a script editor web part setting ...
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Left navigation link highlight issue in Modern team site

I have one site collection with modern team site template, which has different sub-sites created under that site. I have set hyperlinks of different sub-sites in left navigation of root site. I set ...
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Make sub-links in the left ribbon

I am trying to organize my left ribbon so that the links for the web parts are indented after the page containing them. In this picture I want that "Listes des réunions" is indented under "Réunions", ...
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Customize Sharepoint Left Navigation Links

We're looking to have a feature where the left navigation bar shows the request type together with the number of Pending/Completed requests, like so: Completed (20) Pending (5) Something like that. ...
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When updating library/list description it adds links to the left/structured navigation

I already set left navigation manually. When i try to update library/list descriptions it adds link in the left navigation dynamically. Note: For Some of the library/list only it is happening. Is ...
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Quick launch doesn't show all item's title when inside a library or list

This is what I get when I go on a page: As you can see, the long titles are fully shown. This is what I get when I go inside a library/list: As you can see, the titles of some elements are cropped. ...
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Quick Launch URLs not updating after Export\Import feature

I am trying to create a site in SharePoint 2016 using export-spweb import-spweb through Powershell. Everything is working fine except the URLs of Item in Left Navigation\Quick launch. The issue is ...
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Tree structure under "Documents"

I want to create different folders under "DOCUMENTS" in left side pane. To be clear, I do not want folders to appear on right side pane when I click on documents but want them to appear underneath the"...
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