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The Lightweight Directory Access Protocol is an application protocol for accessing and maintaining distributed directory information services over an Internet Protocol (IP) network.

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How to configure LDAPCP correctly?

I just configured LDACP *.wsp package for searching and resolving users from external LDAP in SharePoint 2016. Next I started checking how it works but when started searching I got results as below: (...
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Get users from LDAP and authenticate in SharePoint Online

I have a SharePoint Online site, where users are in LDAP but not in SharePoint. How to get users from LDAP and connect to SharePoint Online site. I appreciate if any one have any ideas on this and it ...
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People picker in SharePoint 2010 not returning users properly

I am using SharePoint 2010 environment. Our people picker was working fine until today until a user has complained she is not getting any emails from SharePoint. When I went to check her permissions ...
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SharePoint 2013 FBA LDAP Display Name - User Profile Sync

I implemented LDAP FBA on one of my sites based on this lab: It works great. I wanted users to login using their email address, changed ...
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ldap and user profile attributes

I have an extended webapp that uses the LDAP provider so users can log in without the fun windows integrated popup. I configured the User Profile Sync Application to use my Forms/LDAP Provider and ...
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how to enable ldap filter

We have AD import synhronization in SharePoint 2013. I wrote LDAP filter which works fine on Domain Server. When I insert it LDAP filter I start incremental sync and not workig. I tried Stop Start ...
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LDAP query not working in custom web part

I have a custom web part which will pull Active directories custom attribute(logged in user). For testing purpose currently I am trying to get "mail" of currently logged in user. But it is not working....
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Looping through active directory nested security groups in SharePoint

Is there a way to loop through the nested security groups in active directory, with or without using LDAP in SharePoint?? I have tried SPUtility.GetPrincipalsInGroup but Im not geting nested groups ...
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FBA with LDAP shows account name not the User Given Name

I have implemented FBA with LDAP. The people editor is resolving FBA users, but it shows the Account Name, not the Name. e.g. , but I want name for that employee. Here is the Membership provide which ...
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EnsureUser returns none existing users using ldapprovider

I'm writing a PowerShell script that adds users to a SharePoint site. To check if the user exists I'm calling the EnsureUser. But my issue is that the when calling this method with a ldap membership ...
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