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The final stage of project life cycle management, where the finished product is delivered to the market.

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Customize Launch Behavior Choice Options

In SharePoint 2016 Promoted Links in Launch Behavior column I wanted only 'page navigation' and 'New tab' options. So I removed the 'Dialog' option from choice. After this I added items in the ...
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Access List from Parent site in the Subsite without going to Parent's quick launch

I have a custom list built in the parent site and I want to put it on the Quick Launch of a subsite for finance manager to be able to edit this list. I did these steps: - added a web page to the ...
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How do i replace Quick Launch in SharePoint 2013 with my custom HTML code?

I have created a custom HTML/CSS accordion from the requirements of the site. Now i want to use my html/accordion on all sites, both current and future as default menu. How can i make it so? I am ...
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Quick Launch Vertical Navigation Not Displaying In Internet Explorer

spent 2 days on this and can't work out what's happening. I'm using Sharepoint 2013. I added a vertical navigation to a page layout using the snippet - as I have working fine in other sites. For some ...
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Launch local application from Sharepoint

On my SharePoint site I want to have a link that will open an application. Our SharePoint site is on the intranet and every user has this application. Say the application was notepad, how would I go ...
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Show title linked to document with edit menu in item's "default display form"

We currently have our own implementation of the "OpenDocuments" control with an implementation similar to one of the MSDN blog samples. This works great for using the "Edit in ..." menu for our ...
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Registry Keys for Sharepoint2007 to allow Custom OpenDocuments control

I asked this on stack overflow, and they recommended I ask here instead. I am trying to create a custom version of SharePoint's OpenDocuments control following an article on the MSDN sharepoint blog. ...
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Launching a successful intranet site

I'm launching a SharePoint intranet site in a couple of weeks time. What can I do to ensure it is successful from Day 1? (My role is as SharePoint developer/admin but I will make recommendations to ...