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Questions tagged [large-file]

Large file is the term frequently applied to the ability to create files larger than supported in SharePoint

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Upload Large File to SP Online in Chunks using Rest API - FinishUpload fails

I was trying to upload the a larger file (500mb) to SharePoint Online document library. I followed the way to upload the file in Chunks with the Article: Programmatically Uploading Large Files In ...
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How to read large file in chunks using REST api

I want to download the large files(more than 10MB) in chunks. I didn't find any method in CSOM. How can I get the large file in chunks? Please suggest the solution. Thanks in advance .
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The remote server returned an error: (400) Bad Request While uploading file(40MB) using CSOM (C#)

I am trying to upload a file with size 40MB in Document Library using SharePoint 2010 Managed CSOM (C#). I am using following code ClientContext clientContext = new ClientContext(siteUrl); ...
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Color file size column based on size

Is there a possibility to color the File Size column in SharePoint 2013 with CSR? I want to color the column based on the actual file size. e.g. if the file is smaller than 10 MB then green, if its ...
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Download Large Files from SharePoint Online

I have a C# application in which, using the SharePoint.Client dll, I make client requests to SharePoint Online. Recently, as per this post, I was able to successfully upload a single 5GB file to ...
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Unable to upload docs > 37 MB through CMIS API

My SharePoint 2013 version is 15.0.4569.1506. I am unable to upload a document greater than 37 MB in SharePoint through my below CMIS code. But directly into SharePoint I am able to do so. I have also ...
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Large file upload using CSOM for provider hosted app (user + app policy)

I m trying to upload large file using CSOM code. Code is throwing the following error - Specified argument was out of the range of valid values. Parameter name: bytesToCopy clientContext....
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