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Questions tagged [keyword-query-language]

keyword query language(KQL) specifies a syntax for search queries that enables users and application implementers to formulate search queries in a structure that resembles natural language and at the same time allows the specification of Boolean matching rules on text and properties of the searched items.

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How to write ANDNOT in KQL query?

I need to achieve a query where RefinableDate00 must be earlier than today RefinableDate00:1900-01-01..{Today} but also should not be null since if it is null, the result I want does not appear in the ...
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Keyword Query Language to get all the Items holding particular SharePoint Security group from Site Collection

I have requirement to get all the items from Lists & Document Libraries of entire site collections holding SharePoint Security group name "Inspection" using Keyword Query Language. Can any one ...
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Search Keyword Query - Site URL with space in Path not working

I have tried to search for specific site using following simple Keyword Query: Path: site 1/ FileType:doc* Above query is not working due to space contains in the ...
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Hide folder for particular site collection in SharePoint Online

I have 2 site collections on my tenant - site collection A site collection B. I want to restrict the end users from searching folders from Site collection A and allow them to search folders from ...
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Can KQL date range be used in library find file box ?

I have set up a managed property as a date time type and mapped it to the crawled date time property in my library. In the find file box for the library I can use : mymanagedproperty>2015-1-1 ...
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KQL language reference for Search Result Sources

I'm just getting into KQL and using the query builder with custom search result sources in my site collection. I've found this documentation on msdn and that is very helpful, but I don't think it is ...
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Cross-site publishing combine remote list into site search

We are working with a cross-site publishing set up and that is all hooked up and working well for navigation and showing the catalog/list of entries on the publishing side. Actually we have two remote ...
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