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Key-Value in SharePoint List column

I would like to add in a column some key-values choice (multiple or not) KEY1 : "Short description 1" KEY2 : "Short description 2" KEY3 : "Short description 3" saved ...
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Create a Key Filter from an External Data column

I'm currently creating a Document management system in On-prem SP 2013 to store documents with specific meta data terms so the document library is easily searchable/filtered. We have an external DB ...
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select multiple key filter values in metadata navigation

I just discovered metadata navigation while setting up an Asset Library to store my company's media. It's really handy, given that I had previously just been applying filters directly from the columns....
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How to hide key filters (Metadata navigation) for a specific view

I am working with metadata navigation and I want to use key filters only for one view out three views for document library. Is it possible I can hide it from other two views?
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Key Filter returning unexpected results

I have a library which uses several columns of type Managed Metadata. I have turned on both the tree navigation and key filters. I am using several column-specific key filters, not the All Tags ...
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SP2013 Filter documents based on tag

I have a SharePoint 2013 with a document central deployed. In that central I have four document applications; manuals, routines, marketing, price-list. Each category contains documents from four ...
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Possibility to make multiple term selection in Managed Metadata navigation hierarchy?

I have a library set up with managed metadata navigation. There are several thousand documents in this library. One MM column is "theme", and almost each term has a child-term. Another MM column is "...
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SharePoint 2010 - Content type in key filters not arranged alphabetically

I am using Content type in Key Filters (Metadata navigation) to filter out our content. The Content type drop down is not arrnaged alphabetically. Is there a way to accomplish this i.e arrange the ...
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How to convert a list with plain data to allow key filters

I have a project where I have created a list with several fields. I can see from here that it is not possible to filter on the plain text fields that I have holding e-mail aliases. How can I go ...
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Key Filters: Always boolean AND? Possibility of adding user-controlled OR?

In a usability test just now, I learned that the Key Filters part of Metadata Navigation operate on boolean AND. A document has to match all filters in order to appear. Do I have any control over ...
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Key Field list filter on plain text field in SP2010

In Sharepoint 2010, I have a document library, with a mixture of managed metadata, choice, date/time and text fields. I am using the new metadata navigation settings in 2010 to display a navigation ...
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