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An object in a SharePoint list containing information and metadata.

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Opening a document in a SharePoint 2013 document library in a new tab (using code)

How to open a SharePoint 2013 document library item in a new tab/new window? By default, the document, depending on whether it is .docx or .xlsx opens in Word or Excel Web Access in the same tab. I ...
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Cannot get field value of list item through JavaScript

I try to get the value of a list item (that is currently selected). I know that I must load it into the context but even with loading the field explicitly I get the following message. Microsoft ...
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How to auto-populate a list column with a sequential number?

I am using a SharePoint list as a database for logging accidents/incidents at work. Each incident is assigned a number. As there are multiple people making use of this list, I'd really like the "...
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How to display item count of specific folder in list

I have a list, which has some columns including title and URL. URL column directs to specific folder related to list item. I want to add one more column in list, which would display items' count of ...
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SharePoint list, restrict view of particular item within the list

I want to create a list to track complaints progress and results but limit who can see what items. In particular I want to hide 1 item from a particular group but leave it visible for other groups who ...
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Delete item post closing date in SPS 2013 List

How to automatically delete the Item from the SPS 2013 List after the closing date has reached for the item. Closing date is one of the column part of the item.
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SP13 doesn't recognize list item changes when made by a workflow

SP13 doesn't recognize any list item changes when they are made by a workflow. (2010 workflows did) Therefore does not trigger any list workflows on "item change". Items need manual change to trigger ...
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How to add list item inside a folder using REST API

I have seen this question many times and not seen a concrete answer. I have a very simple scenario, I have a list with a folder, i need to add an item inside the folder. I have to do it using REST API....
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Manage Multiple ItemUpdating Event Receivers On List

I have a requirement to multiple Event Receivers targeting Custom List (100) that fire on the ItemUpdating method. For one of the Event Receivers the requirement is to check that there are no related ...
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Refresh webpart when New item is added

I would like a script for Refreshing a webpart when a new item is added to te list. Can anyone help me with this? Kind regards, Vincent van den Eijnde
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Redirect from ItemAdded event

I am using an ItemAdded event handler for doing some validation. If my validation fail is it possible to redirect the user to another page. Ideally it would be good to show the page in a dialog box. ...
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how to use JSOM to modify permissions for multiple list retrieved by a CAML query

Using SharePoint 2010 JSOM I know how to get a list item by it's ID, break its inheritance, then add a user to it's permission list with contribute access. What I cannot figure out is if I get ...
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Update List Item in Sharepoint using old Sharepoint-API in Postman

I already asked a question here: enter link description here I wanted to retrieve the x-requestdigest from sharepoint to make list-operations just using postman. The provided solution worked great to ...
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ItemAdding getting the file name of a document

I have a document library. I want to add an itemadding event recieiever to do some validation on the file name of the document. How can I get the file name from the SPItemEventProperties
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