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Questions tagged [item-level-permissions]

You can can restrict users from viewing or editing items in a list by establishing item-level permissions. For example, you can set permissions for the list such that users can view only their own items, or you can set permissions such that users can view all items but edit only their own. When you create a new list, permissions are set so that all users can view and edit all items, regardless of who created them.


Item level permission in SharePoint 2013

I have a list where I want give edit permissions at item level. I am aware of the item level permissions offered by SharePoint. What I am looking for is that I should be able to assign editing ...

Individual and “Team” access to list items

We have a list of service requests. Anyone in the enterprise can create a request and then edit their request as the process moves along. We now have the user need to allow "teams" to access each ...