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Questions that are related to list item deletion or associated with list item deleted event receiver.

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How do I delete the "General" link on my header? (Shows up next to the icon and site name)

I'm building a SharePoint site, and it was requested that I get rid of "general" that takes you to MSFT general page of how to use SharePoint, etc. Would anyone happen to know how I may get ...
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Delete an item from a list by approval

I am trying to design an approval process for deleting items from a list, but barely I can find a step by step guideline for this. I was able to accomplish this process (i.e. approval) for create or ...
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Permissions Level issue...I can still delete

I have a group where a person can add, edit, and view but not delete I put myself in this group but I can still delete.I thought it was because I have higher level access at the site level. So I ...
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Suggestions when SharePoint Online site owner/admin cannot delete list item?

Error message: Cannot complete this action. Please try again. Troubleshoot issues with Microsoft SharePoint Foundation. Multiple lists on site, only one being problematic and not ...
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Stop Item from being deleted with Remote Event Receiver in Sharepoint Online

How to stop an Item fom being deleted, it seems that my code is not firing here is a snipped of the RER public SPRemoteEventResult ProcessEvent(SPRemoteEventProperties properties) { ...
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Workflow: Trigger If Item deleted work around

So I'm looking into triggering a workflow on delete and have stumbled upon something I can't get my head around.Now I know there isn't an OOTB solution to trigger a workflow on delete. However as ...
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How do i write a workflow who can delete objects older than 6 months?

I'm curious as to how i can create a workflow in SharePoint designer that can delete ( or erase content) in an objects list? Does anyone have an idea?
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SharePoint Online2013 Team Site Deleted

I created a DevGroup for myself and a new admin that is coming on board. That site is now mysteriously gone. I didn't delete the site, and no one else has access to do so. Is there an audit where I ...
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Shortcut a workflow

I have a list workflow which last step is to delete the item itself. It works fine, but it leaves orphan workflow (that is workflow still running even if it has lost its item). I am afraid it would ...
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Add new itemeventreceiver methods in visual studio on top of existing event receiver

I have developed an item event receiver with itemadded and itemupdated event handler using VS 2013 against SP 2013 ON-PREM soln. Now as per my updated requirements, I need to add a new itemdeleted/...
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