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Check-in describes the process of adding a new or modified item or file to a document library or a list to replace the previous version.

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Workflow: If item returned equals yes send an email. Im lost

I want to send an email when a key is returned. The user who updates the list has a checkbox for yes it was returned. Once that field goes from blank to "Yes" I want an email to be sent to the user ...
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Count checked out files in sharepoint 2010 library using javascript

The checked out files can be reached via the UI by browsing Document library --> settings --> Manage Checked out Files. I would like to do it using the usual "function, success, failed" procedure in ...
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SharePoint CSOM Item not found (checked out element)

Code executes from an Azure Hosted app (authentication via app-only context): var item = changeList.GetItemById(75); Element with id 75 exists but it is checked out. Get the Exception "Item does ...
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SharePoint Online, get list of checked out files from lib using PnP

I have a document lib that has been stale for a few years. I am trying to clean it up, but there are 1000+ document that are Checked Out to another user. I am a super admin, so I can go in and get ...
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Item event handler for both SPLists and SPDocumentLibraries in one single VS 2013 solution in my SP 2013 ON-PREMISES

Is it possible to work on multiple list item event receivers and multiple document libraries itemadded/itemupdated event handlers in a single WSP/single VS 2013 solution? My requirement is to work ...
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