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Multiple IF statement in one calculated column

I have tried everything, can someone help me with this? =IF(ISBLANK([Date1]),DATEDIF([Created],[Date2],"d"),IF(NOT(ISBLANK([Date1),DATEDIF([Date1],[Date2],"d")))) It keeps saying ...
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Calculated (calculation based on other columns) IF OR ISBLANK AND Sharepoint Lists error formula

Can anyone help? I can't work out why this is erroring. this section =IF(OR(ISBLANK[Tech £]),"", at the start in bold makes it error. =IF(OR(ISBLANK([Tech £])),"",IF(AND([Tech Pay ...
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Need help with displaying text depending on choice

I am trying to get this formula to work. I want: IF column ärende tilldelat is blank I want the calculated column to say "Ej tilldelad". If you have chosen "Tillkoppling" in the column Ärendetyp I ...
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Blank or empty field in a list item using JavaScript

What is considered an empty SharePoint list item when doing if else condition via JavaScript? "", null, or something else?
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