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The Internet Server Application Programming Interface (ISAPI) is an N-tier API of Internet Information Services (IIS), Microsoft's collection of Windows-based web server services. The most prominent application of IIS and ISAPI is Microsoft's web server.

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System.Service.ServiceActivation exception on SVC deployed in ISAPI folder

I am using this codeplex code to develop advanced lookup. It mostly works fine till deployment. But when I tried to use it, on the list form it threw error in jquery file. Below is the error snapshot. ...
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End Point not found in custom WCF service with share point 2013

I am creating a custom Wcf service in sharepoint 2013 my code as below. objectiveIntegration.svc <%@ ServiceHost Language="C#" Debug="true" Service="Technologies.Test....
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Custom Sharepoint 2013 service Dependency Injection

I've created a custom service in the ISAPI folder. But the constructor of the service contains an interface (Dependency Injection) as parameter. How can I make the service initialize with the correct ...
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Unauthorized error for ISAPI service of SharePoint

I have create ISAPI service in "ISAPI" folder of hive. Now I want to access this service using REST API. but I'm getting unauthorized error when try to call it. IDemoService.cs code (Interface file):...
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Getting SAP Data onto SharePoint 2013

This is kind of open question, we need to understand the options we have for getting SAP data onto SharePoint 2013. We are willing to use this data onto InfoPath forms, what could be performance ...
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Sharepoint 2013 - webpart SAP, div - not 100% - only IE -

I have problem with sharepoint 2013. We have SAP web part, but its not loading correctly - with 100% height... Any suggestions? The problem is only in IE (10, 11) - in older, hard to say. Chrome, FF ...
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SharePoint 2010 ISAPI WCF Service for Search using KeywordQuery not working

Below is my Applied code for Search in ISAPI WCF service, here when I debug DataTable count gives me zero. It works fine in SharePoint 2010 OOTB Search and have also configured Crawl settings. Can you ...
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SharePoint 2013 ASP.NET Web Api

I am attempting to deploy an ASP.NET web api web service to SharePoint. I attempted to deploy the necessary folders to the ISAPI folder, but have had no luck. Has anyone successfully deployed a Web ...
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Difference between _layouts and _vti_bin in service SVC deployment

I'm fighting with Services deployment under the SharePoint infrastructure. It happens that I spent a lot of time trying to configure a REST SharePoint 2010 web service under the ISAPI (_vti_bin) ...
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14hive corrupt?

We have two SP2010 installations, one single server with MSSQL2008R2 on the same machine, and another with MSSQL on a different machine. On both installations, we are able to create web apps and site ...
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WCF end point not deploying to ISAPI folder

I have Site level Feature. I have created a mapped a SharePoint folder to ISAPI. I have added a folder (myfolder) into the ISAPI folder. I have created a .svc (endpoint.svc) file and a web.config file ...
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