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The name of a column as defined by the system. This name typically replaces any illegal characters (such as a space) with individual codes to standardize text names.

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First letter of internal name of list column converts to _x00XX_

I need to create two new columns in a standard list, one is called "AB12" and the other one "AB13". But when I create them, the internal names of them turns into "_x0041_B12" and "_x0041_B13". It ...
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Inconsistent internal list field names between servers

This is making me crazy... I have two SharePoint 2013 farms, one for testing and one for production. The setup of them is nearly identical. I have a lookup field in a custom list, and it includes ...
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MOSS 2007 SPItemEventProperties values of fields accessed via display name or internal name

I need to access the before and after field values for the list item corresponding to an event receiver in MOSS 2007. The name of the field is Annual Salary and the InternalName is Annual_x0020_Salary....
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Creating fields InternalName or StaticName

I'm looking to copy fields and views from one site to another. I get the message that column does not exist and believe its down to when they are created. I'm using the below to create a field list....
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SP2013 List: Trigger JQuery to run with each list view change or to/from Quick Edit mode

I am using a JQuery script in a list (in a Script Editor) to (visually) change a column's name. The internal and display column names remain static. When I switch from normal view to Quick Edit, the ...
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When custom column deleted, internal name still exists

I have an app that pulls data from custom column by internal name. If I create the column and delete it, than create it again, SharePoint still has the internal name saved and then appends a 0 to the ...
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How to create records in Sharepoint List using Display Name of columns, in Python REST?

I am trying to create new records (rows) in a Sharepoint List using a python script. I am specifying each record as a json containing the display names of columns/fields mapped to their respective ...
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SharePoint Online: some users see the internal column names in views

I have a SharePoint online solution with several users. Most of my columns have display names different from the internal column names. Now, for some strange reason, some of my users see my lists ...
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