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Questions tagged [internal-name]

The name of a column as defined by the system. This name typically replaces any illegal characters (such as a space) with individual codes to standardize text names.

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Help! Get Column Names (not internal) in a Track SharePoint Column Changes Flow

I'm building a flow to track column changes in SharePoint, following this video. It all works great, except I'd like the notification email to show the column display names instead of the internal ...
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Internal name for Sharepoint Online column

How do I get the internal name for columns in SharePoint Online? For example the "Created By" column is only the display name but I need the internal SharePoint name for this column.
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SP2013 List: Trigger JQuery to run with each list view change or to/from Quick Edit mode

I am using a JQuery script in a list (in a Script Editor) to (visually) change a column's name. The internal and display column names remain static. When I switch from normal view to Quick Edit, the ...
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When custom column deleted, internal name still exists

I have an app that pulls data from custom column by internal name. If I create the column and delete it, than create it again, SharePoint still has the internal name saved and then appends a 0 to the ...
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How to create records in Sharepoint List using Display Name of columns, in Python REST?

I am trying to create new records (rows) in a Sharepoint List using a python script. I am specifying each record as a json containing the display names of columns/fields mapped to their respective ...
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How to write internal column names to host

At the moment I m trying to use this: Add-PSSnapin microsoft.sharepoint.powershell #Get Web $web = Get-SPWeb http://... #Get List $list = $web.Lists["List1"] $list.DefaultView.ViewFields | Write-...
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The "_x0020_" of the Internal name for a SharePoint column

I am currently doing documentation for our SharePoint Applications. For the purpose of explanation/definition, What is the "x0020" portion of a SharePoint internal name for a column? I'm not sure if ...
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Lists/Libraries: Why are not all existing fields exposed as site columns?

I was wondering what determines if an internal field of a list or library is made available as an actionable site column. More precisely, I was trying to add the published state as a column in a site ...
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How to refer to a lookup field in a returned CAML query?

I know how to refer to a standard field in the OnSuccess function of a .executeQueryAsync call using a CAML query; qryItems.itemAt(1).get_item('Mailto') However, I have another column that is a ...
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SharePoint list created with number 1 for internal name

I have created the SharePoint document library named as 'mydocument'. The display name of the library is same. But internal name is 'mydocument1'. I don't know how it's happening. Anyone suggest some ...
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First letter of internal name of list column converts to _x00XX_

I need to create two new columns in a standard list, one is called "AB12" and the other one "AB13". But when I create them, the internal names of them turns into "_x0041_B12" and "_x0041_B13". It ...
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Fetch the Doc lib object by passing the Internal Name of Doc Lib [ NOT Display Name]

I want to fetch the document library object by passing the internalname of the doc lib. is it possible? like splist mydoclib = ospweb.lists.trygetlist("INTERNALNAME_OF_DOCLIB"); usually we pass ...
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internal name of Default Task Status field on 2013 OnPrem?

I don't have OnPrem at hand, can someone check what the internal fieldname is for the default Tasks List "Task Status" field. On Office365 it is Status, I know it was TaskStatus in SharePoint 2010 ...
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Inconsistent internal list field names between servers

This is making me crazy... I have two SharePoint 2013 farms, one for testing and one for production. The setup of them is nearly identical. I have a lookup field in a custom list, and it includes ...
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Custom Form Does Not Display “Name” value

I created a custom EditForm for my document library and the field Name that containing the document name is not showing up. How to insert it in my form ? This article is talking about a similar ...
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MOSS 2007 SPItemEventProperties values of fields accessed via display name or internal name

I need to access the before and after field values for the list item corresponding to an event receiver in MOSS 2007. The name of the field is Annual Salary and the InternalName is Annual_x0020_Salary....
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Field name changes when I add a number

I use the shortest words possible when creating fields in a custom list. I go back and rename it sometimes, but the URL retains the shorter name. I have created a list, and have fields IS1 thru IS10....
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Creating fields InternalName or StaticName

I'm looking to copy fields and views from one site to another. I get the message that column does not exist and believe its down to when they are created. I'm using the below to create a field list....
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Get the InternalFieldName Programmatically

I have a requirement to always use the internal field name for columns in custom Visual Studio projects. I want to use the internal string value of the field name consistently and have the following ...
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SharePoint 2010 Internal Field Name Limit 32 Characters for lists... 256 characters for libraries?

Recently I had a question asked of me regarding the internal field name limit in SharePoint for columns. The user found that the same column created in a library vs. a list had different character ...
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Is there a way to find a unique internal name in a SPFieldCollection without a try catch?

The method SPFieldCollection.GetFieldByInternalName throws an error if it can't find the field with the given the internal name. Is there a way to determine if a field with an internal name exists ...
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SharePoint Online: some users see the internal column names in views

I have a SharePoint online solution with several users. Most of my columns have display names different from the internal column names. Now, for some strange reason, some of my users see my lists ...
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How create an index based on an internal list field?

I have a huge library and its documents don't have any metadata. They have only the name (FileLeafRef) filled (and FileRef -> file's path automatically filled). I'm trying to update their metadata (...
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Any ideas why an internal name for column begins with _x0040_Active

Content query webpart not picking field value because internal column name appears as _x0040_Active
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Finding the internal name and display name for a list column

I am using SharePoint Server 2007 Enterprise with Windows Server 2008 Enterprise, and I am using publishing portal template. I heard for SharePoint list/list column, it has an internal name which ...
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