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Index reset is the process of clearing SharePoint's search index.

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How to reset index without a following full crawl

I would like to reduce our SharePoint Test environment disk size. Since we are not using the search feature on this test environment, I would like to purge all the index files to save space. I ...
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SharePoint Continuous Crawl after index reset

Using SharePoint 2013, we had to reset index, then we enabled Continuous Crawl I am not sure about the inner workings of this type of crawl. as I am looking at the crawl logs, it seems that Full crawl ...
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Reindex a specific site as search is not fetching items from there

On Sharepoint 2013, I am using a search web part that is looking into all the blog sites and retrieves the posts. My Search query is this: contentclass:STS_ListItem_Posts and -Title="Welcome to my ...
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search application being created with degraded partition

I have deleted and recreated a search application in sharepoint 2013 about 5 times now and every time it gets created with Searchable items All Errors and degraded partitions. What is going on??
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Index reset throwing exception

I'm facing below exception when click on Reset Index in SharePoint 2013. Do i need MS Office on the server? Application Server Administration job failed for service instance Microsoft.Office....
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Modified items are multiple times in SP search index

I have a problem with sharepoint 2013 search engine. When I change some item, then in search result old record still display, even after re-indexing items. Not all items behave in this way (mostly ...
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Search Index not coming back after Search Index Reset

I reset the search index about 24 hours ago but it has yet to come back. Is there anything else I can do to help it come back? A full crawl has been performed many times after the reset. The site has ...
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Is Reset index will create again the searchable items value it has before

In SharePoint 2010 search service application 8 content sources created for SharePoint Web Application. and searchable items - 11,991,383 In 8 content sources there is 4 web applications has huge ...
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Search Index degraded, index reset never completes

I cannot for the life of me get search services running on a new server. When I open up the service administration web panel for search it shows a yellow exclamation mark on the Index. PS> Get-...
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how to fix Index corruption in sharepoint 2010

The following conditions are currently affecting index propagation to this server for search service Search Service Application: Query 1, catalog Main: index corruption detected . index corruption ...
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Avoid deleted site content to appearing in search results

A while ago I came across that some confidential material appeared on my search results. The material was located on a site which was already deleted a long ago (yet still the search result showed its ...
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