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SharePoint 2019 incremental crawl always indexes all documents

We migrated a SharePoint 2010 with about 30 site collections, each in it's own content database, to a newly setup SharePoint 2019. We played around with some sets of content sources to only index old ...
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Trigger re-index of part of a document library or files of a certain extension in Sharepoint Online

I have a gargantuan set of document libraries that each contain a folder with msg files. I set a few managed properties specifically for the folders with msg files in order to make a custom filter for ...
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SharePoint 2016 scheduled incremental crawls are not running

SharePoint 2016 MinRole Farm with latest patch KB4475590 (September/2019) Security update for SharePoint Enterprise Server 2016 Core. Scheduled incremental crawls are not running even though in ...
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Does all attachments in list get crawled in SP Online?

I have issues getting any result back from my sharepoint list. I have some jpg,ms word/excel and pdf files attached and sometimes i get results sometimes now. Any idea what is being actually crawled ...
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SharePoinr 2016 on prem not incremental syncing profiles when using FBA

I think that this question belongs to this community: I have just installed a on prem SP 2016 and created a My site hos web application that uses FBA. I configured the web config files to read the ...
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SP2007 Incremental crawls taking too long to complete

We are running incremental crawls on our SP2007 environment. There are around 3.2 million crawled items in the content source. When we run a incremental crawl everyday, it takes an average of 17 ...
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SharePoint 2013 incremental and continuous crawl issues

I have a site collection with root web and subwebs. The full crawl is indexing everything in the root web and subwebs. The incremental and continuous crawls only indexes the content in the root web, ...
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BCS Incremental crawl running longer than full crawl in SharePoint 2016

We have configured BCS search in SharePoint 2016. Created External content type with Sharepoint Designer and created Content Source using with External content type.(Source in Documentum). While run ...
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incremental crawl takes too long to complete

I have a SharePoint 2010 environment configured for content search with schedule as defined in the screenshot below. from past 1 or 2 months I am facing a very strange issue and unable to get any ...
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How to set Timestamp property for column in External Content Type?

I created External Content Type (.ect) in Visual Studio. It is based on Netweaver service. One of the columns called LastChangeDate. I added this content type to SharePoint and configured crawl on ...
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create separate search service applications for big content sources and best practise for crawling settings?

In our SharePoint farm it has 4 big Content Source Web Applications around 3 TB of documents and daily users upload documents around 5 - 10,000 documents, and i need to run incremental crawling every ...
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Sharepoint 2013 search not indexing newly added publishing pages

I have a publishing page library containing all of my posts. We are using search driven webparts to pull the search results and display to users. What we are seeing is that after a new page is added,...
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Incremental crawl still running during continous crawl

I have continuous crawl running on 2013 and everything I've read says that incremental crawl doesn't run if continuous crawl is selected but my crawl logs say different. Am I misunderstanding?
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Scheduled Incremental Crawl does not work

I have scheduled an incremental crawl in my SharePoint Farm for a website. After every 10 minutes I have scheduled it to run but the new contents are never crawled and indexed as they are not ...
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Is that true that a sharepoint 2010 Full Crawl cannot start while an incremental crawl is running?

I am using SharePoint 2010 with Fast Search. A full crawl is set up to running weekly at 12:00 am every Saturday. and the Incremental Crawl is set up every 15 minutes for 24 hours every day. And I ...
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Incremental/Continuous crawl and case sensitivity - Duplicate items

I just stumbled upon an interesting behavior: Have a document set: Title: My Special Document Set Perform a crawl (continuous / incremental crawl) Search returns 1 result. Rename the document set ...
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