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If statement comparing a calculated result to a number returns false even if they're the same

Number field "QuantiteStockageConteneur" = 7922.55 Currency field "TauxStockageConteneur" = 0.28 Currency field "StockageDeConteneur_ParPiedCube" = 2218.31 I have tried: ...
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Getting part of the value from a column title

Silly question. We have a Document library and basically we are saving emails in a *.msg format. where the title is the subject of the email. I would like to save part of the title as an additional ...
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3 IF Statements

I have a calculated column which should return DepA, DepB or DepC according to the multiple IF statement which I cannot work out correctly!!! I have a DateRequest which is entered by the user. I then ...
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Calculated column using 4 different columns to derive an "approve" or "Decline" answer

I would like to use an IF function to obtain an answer to "Approve" or "Decline" within a SharePoint list. My formula works in Excel but not in SharePoint. I have 4 SharePoint ...
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SP 2013 - What is the correct syntax to add the results of 2 or more If statements?

I want to create a "scorecard" where the user simply selects "yes" or "no" for each field in the list. Then, I want to assign a point value to "yes" or "no values and add the point values together in ...
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If ELSE / ELSE statement is not showing up

I want to use IF ELSE statement in the SharePoint designer 2013 but it is not showing up I am trying to get else by pressing Alt + W + B but sometimes it works, other times it doesn't. Any idea what ...
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Does Sharepoint allow IFS formula

I tested this on excel but can not translated to Sharepoint. I am trying to test for example if Column C has date that is greater than the one in column D = Submitted on time, if column C's date is ...
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if statement being disregarded in a PnPPowerShell loop

I am trying to iterate through a collection of document libraries and run code on the ones that are of a particular Content-Type. The if statement is being disregarded entirely and the write-host $...
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