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How to change filename via Upload.aspx

I've managed to upload a file using the code below <a onclick="openDialog(); return false;" href="#">Open Attach File</a> <script type="text/javascript"> function ...
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Using calculated field to fill an email recipient, subject and body?

I am using calculating field to fill an email field and it does work perfectly for the "recipient" field. <Field ID="{BE6CFDC4-07CF-4175-98E7-E82259A41B5F}" Name="myfieldInternalName" ...
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jQuery 2.0.2 doesnt work in IE8 - code compatible? [closed]

I know jQuery 2.0 doesn't support IE8. Is there a way to change the j Query code in our JS file, to ensure jQuery 2.0.2 for compatibility with IE8?
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SharePoint 2013: Responsive Master page

I have been given an assignment to create a Responsive Master Page for SharePoint 2013. I've been researching for few days and found out that we can achieve it using: Media Queries Device channel ...
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SharePoint 2013 Search - Open PDF in new browser

I have some jquery(as suggested by someone on StackExchange) to open PDFs in a new browser window from the out of the box search restuls web part. The code works in Chrome and Firefox but not IE8. ...
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Multiple X-UA-Compatible meta tags in SharePoint masterpage one of it for webpart

I have the code <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=8"/> in my master page so certain things will work. However I have a twitter webpart which doesn't work in IE 8 so I need to ...
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Library search giving javascript error in IE8

Searching in a document library search box gives the following error in IE8. Sometimes the search works and sometimes it does not. It starts out ok, but after 2 or 3 searches the error appears. The ...
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Can't Open Explorer in Sharepoint

I can't use "Open with Explorer" from SharePoint. My setup: -SharePoint 2010 -Internet Explorer 8 -Windows 7 x32 -Office 2010
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Open in Windows Explorer doesn't work

Here are my environment settings: OS: Windows XP 2002 IE: 8 32 bit SharePoint Site Version: 2013 Site permissions: Contribute Document library permission: Contribute Site type: Intranet Site protocol:...
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SharePoint 2013 masterpage + bootstrap compatibility with Internet Explorer 8

I’m currently developing a SharePoint portal that will mostly be used by clients with Intern Explorer 8 with responsive design requirement. As a result compatibility with IE 8 is pretty important. I ...
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