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nternet Explorer 11 (IE11) is a version of Internet Explorer, a web browser, by Microsoft.

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FBA custom login is not working in Edge and Chrome browsers in SharePoint 2016

I have followed this link to setup FBA(Form Based Authentication) in my Sharepoint 2016 site. Configured all the necessary web config entries for Membership/Roles/Connection String in 3 Places(...
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SharePoint 2013 custom JS not working in IE11 list view

I seem to have some browser compatibility issue but not sure what is causing the issue. I wrote my code using Chrome and buttons, Javascript, etc. runs good. Everything displays as it should. I'm ...
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command set extension not visible in Ie11

Hi i created spfx command set extension but its not visible in IE11 other browser is visible and working. Used import "@pnp/polyfill-ie11"; as well but no luck , do i missing any ...
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Rich Text Editor Control for React with IE 11 Support

I want to implement an SPFX web part with React using which user can provide their view on the given questions. Users should be able to add images or links or use formatting for the text to provide ...
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SharePoint 2010 Taxonomy Issue in ie11

Data from taxonomy column is not displaying in auto search in IE11, which is working perfectly in IE8. No suggestion are displayed for IE11 taxonomy column. Please help
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IE 11 error using Pnp.js for expand and

I have run into a consistent error, that only appears to be appearing on IE, where pnp.js will not expand or select any fields upon a function call. This naturally causes issues pnp.sp.web.lists....
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Getting Minified React error #31 when trying to view SPFx webpart in Internet Explorer 11

We have SPFx webpart on version 1.8.2 using React version 16.7.0. When we test the webpart on Google Chrome it works perfectly fine. But when we test it on Internet Explorer 11 it shows error in ...
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SPFx web part is not loading in IE 11

I have a SPFx web part with Knockout framework. Its developed for SharePoint on premises (V1.1.0). Deployed all the Assets in the SharePoint library. Application is working fine in Chrome. But in IE, ...
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What causes the page jumping when applying formatting?

SharePoint 2013 on premises, IE11, publishing site web page editing. Applying formatting (anything like bold, colour, links) causes the page to immediately scroll (jump) the highlighted text to the ...
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Font doesn't consistently work IE11 SharePoint 2013 [closed]

I'm trying to implement a Google font, which I've installed locally, into my master page. My CSS file implements the @font-face: @font-face { font-family: 'LibreFranklin-SemiBold', font-style: '...
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infopath list form display rules do not work in IE

Infopath 2013, SharePoint 2013 in Office 365 The Infopath created list form is embedded in a SharePoint page as a web part. The Infopath created list form works in Edge & FireFox - I have ...
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Single Line of Text field not working in IE11

I've got a SP2013 list with a Single Line of Text field that isn't accepting any input from the keyboard. The other fields work fine, and I can select the single line of text field, but nothing ...
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Logging back takes users to the SharePointOnline root site instead of the Intranet in IE

We have created a separate site collection for company's intranet and has set it is as homepage for all the users. We are experiencing below issue, after inactivity of say 20 mins, when the user log ...
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SharePoint 2013 compatibility issue on IE11

I have setup the SharePoint site to open in an iframe within a CRM portal. When I try to upload a document and fill out the metadata, it gives an error that 'Field can't be blank' even though I ...
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SharePoint file library search resets in IE11 after opening and closing file

Using search in worksite, and opening and closing the result resets the search, is this working as intended on IE 11. Is this intended/is there a way to turn it off. It does not happen with other ...
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SharePoint 2013 IE11 and the Word Viewer

My client has the Word Viewer installed with the compatibility pack. The Word Viewer will open files from seemingly anywhere but SharePoint. The Excel Viewer and PowerPoint Viewer are also installed ...
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Sharepoint 2010 web part & IE 11 - targets document mode 8... APIs may not be available

I am running some javascript (d3.js, sp.js) in a web part on a sharepoint 2010 site. Everything runs fine when I use chrome or firefox, however when I open the page in IE 11 it does not load correctly ...
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Save list display form as pdf

I want to place button in list display form ribbon for saving the data as a .pdf. I googled a lot but I couldn't get any best approach to save list display form as pdf. Is it possible with client ...
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SharePoint 2013. App Part - Access Denied

I am working with SharePoint 2013 and I developed some app parts to show information in our intranet. These app parts get data from WEB API using jQuery, It works fine in Chrome, Firefox, but in ...
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JavaScript Errors

I have a single user who is unable to access our SharePoint 2013 intranet site, everyone else can access it without issue. Regardless of the library or level of access granted to the user within ...
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Known Issues List SharePoint & IE 11

Is there a definitive known issues list available from a recognised source (i.e. Microsoft) for IE 11 and SharePoint Enterprise and Foundation for 2013, 2010, 2007?
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Visio Web Access hyperlinks

I have a problem with Hyperlinks in Visio. I use Visio Web Access and Sharepoint 2010. If I use chrome browser, a single click on the visio shape will navigate to the desired URL, If I use IE 11, ...
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2010 Sharepoint site is not showing scroll bars in IE 11

We switched to IE 11 from IE 8 and the vertical scroll bars are gone on our SharePoint 2010 sites. I know about the compatibility view, but I am not clear what is the best way to implement it in the ...
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People Picker not Working in IE11

I'm seeing an issue where the PeoplePicker is not working in IE11. Works fine in other browsers as well as older versions of IE. Normally, when an exact match is not found, we see the red squiqqly ...
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Best practice SharePoint 2010 with SP1 and IE11, compatibility mode on or off?

I am using sharepoint 2010 with SP1. We would like to push on all our workstations IE11. But we don't know if we turn for the sharepoint sites compatibility mode on or off. What is the best, on or off ...
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