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Guidance Needed: Connecting an On-Premises SQL Database to a SharePoint Online Column via Azure Web App Hosting WCF Service

I'm working on a project that involves connecting an on-premises SQL Database table to a SharePoint Online lookup column. As a part of the process, I've successfully set up an Azure Web App to host a ...
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Hybrid solution: SharePoint with lower cost storage

We're a medium-sized consulting engineering firm with a lot of files organized by project. Project files are a mix of MS Office documents and larger technical data (CAD models, measurement data, etc). ...
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Can't Import Microsoft.Online.SharePoint.PowerShell

I am currently trying out the Hybrid Search of SharePoint (2019) and am facing issues when trying to import 'Microsoft.Online.SharePoint.PowerShell'. I get the following message: PS C:\Users\username&...
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Displaying SPO documents in On-prem results (Cloud Hybrid Search)

we currently have one SP farm with a couple of SharePoint 2013 On-Premise servers (behind a load-balancer) and also a separate SharePoint Online instance. We have been asked to implement Cloud Hybrid ...
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SharePoint hybrid and Microsoft On-Premises data gateway

In our environment we are not the tenant owners and we don't even have sharepoint admin permissions. But we are farm admins of the on-prem SharePoint 2019 environment. What kind of permissions from ...
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Search content in Microsoft Teams/Microsoft Planner

Microsoft seems to position the relatively new products "Microsoft Teams" and "Microsoft Planner" (both part of Office 365) as competitors of what SharePoint and SharePoint Online used to provide in ...
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Cloud Hybrid Search Setup - Authentication Errors

I'm having trouble getting Cloud Hybrid Search configured with my SharePoint 2013 on-prem farm and I think our Single Sign On is the culprit. Has anyone had success with setting up Cloud Hybrid Search ...
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Restore entire Hybrid-Environment

I currently build a testing environment which should have Office365 Hybrid features enabled (AppLauncher, Search, OneDrive, TeamSites). This environment will be kept on a specific state by resetting ...
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Hybrid search with SharePoint 2010

Please help me with the approach, I will explain you requirement We have SP2010 environment and now we want to migrate to Office 365. Our requirement are Once site collections are migrated to O365 ...
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SharePoint Hybrid Question

Currently the business I work for are looking to move into SharePoint Online by using SharePoint Hybrid. We currently have an On-Premises farm running on SharePoint 2013. We also have Active ...
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Get-SPO365LinkSettings failed

Get-SPO365LinkSettings failed, make sure you have permission for User Profile Service Application Can't get around this message during SharePoint Hybrid Configuration Wizard for SharePoint 2016 ...
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SharePoint 2016 - Hybrid Search with multiple environments

Is it possible with the SharePoint 2016 Hybrid Search to connect multiple SharePoint 2016 environments (3 for example) environments with 1 Office 365 tenant?
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SharePoint Proposal for Hybrid Implementation

I have the Opportunity of integrating an On-Premise Installation with SharePoint Online. There are about 100 employees using OnPrem, while only about 50 (External) would be using SP Online. The main ...
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The PowerShell command for SPO365LinkSettings does not exist in the SharePoint farm

I’m signing in to my Office 365 portal with my global administrator account from the development machine where I have a SharePoint Server 2013 Enterprise farm upgraded to October CU 2015. In the ...
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