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An HTTP module is an assembly that is called on every request made to your application. HTTP modules are called as part of the ASP.NET request pipeline and have access to life cycle events throughout the request. HTTP modules therefore give you the opportunity to examine incoming requests and take action based on the request. They also give you the opportunity to examine the outbound response and modify it.

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Get a httpModule before SPRequest

I am currently supporting an application running on SharePoint 2007 and have run in to a problem with the order of httpModules. I've written a module that initiates context needed by our role ...
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HTTP Handler not working for MS office extensions

I am trying to map a custom HTTP handler for *.pptx files and for some reason this is not working. My HTTP handler does nothing else other than sending an email when a powerpoint file is accessed. I ...
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Call all the versions of a SharePoint comment's field with AngularJS

I created a list with AngularJS, using ng-repeat. The data comes from a SharePoint list. In my SharePoint list when I open to see the detail I can see the version history of the "Comments" ...
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Custom HttpModule behaves differently with classic site pages and publishing pages

I have a custom HttpModule which purpose is to check the presence of a specific cookie. If the cookie is not present, an error message should appear in place of the page. The http module works as ...
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why im getting error "404 NOT FOUND" when adding HttpModule in Sharepoint 2010?

I developed a httpmodule that inherits from IHttpModule to use "Session_Start" event, add the output DLL to GAC and adds the "add" tag into web.config in "modules" section. All things seem to be ok ...
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Connect Excel PowerPivot to SSAS using HTTP access

Need to connect PowerPivot to SSAS using HTPP access. The Table Import Wizard gives the error below when Importing data to PowerPivot (just from the client machine, its works just fine for me!). An ...
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sharepoint custom action Dynamic image icon

I must build a custom Action for sp2010 but its image must be according to some sharepoint values. For example: Alerts are ON or OFF for a SpList, then icon is RED or GREEN. This check should be ...
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How to automatically sign in user from HttpModule

If a request to a certain site collection comes in from an anonymous user, I want to do a sign in as a specific user. For this I would like to use a HTTP module. So basically I want to do something ...
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Logging document library views with HttpModule in SharePoint 2010

I am really new to SharePoint and got an assignment of logging Document Views into an external database in SharePoint 2010... While searching over the web, I have got lot of articles on the auditing, ...
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HTTPModule Filter returns corrupt data when reading file from SharePoint Document Library

Let's prove how much better the SharePoint Overflow community is as on Stack Overflow there is a big silence when things become difficult, at least for this question. I'll omit the wall of text, for ...
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Global.asax requires AllowPartiallyTrustedCallers on assembly with child class of SPHttpApplication

In my class NinjectSPHttpApplication I have inherited SPHttpApplication class in order to use Ninject as IOC container. When I set global.asax to inherit from this class it throws an exception that ...
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Authorization against a user's membership in certain SharePoint groups via HttpModule

I'm trying to restrict access to certain pages of a SharePoint Web Application based upon a user's membership in certain SharePoint groups (restricting access to specific pages and functions, while ...
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