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HTTP headers are the name or value pairs that are displayed in the request and response messages of message headers for Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP).

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How do I error handle a REST API call with no results?

I have a PowerQuery function o retrieve the contents of a SharePoint list. let Source = (url as any) => let aSource = OData.Feed(url, null, [Implementation="2.0"]), ...
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SharePoint Online Removing HTTP Headers for Security Reasons

I want to know if it's possible to hide the below HTTP Headers displayed by SharePoint Online site : HTTP/1.1 200 OK Server: Microsoft-IIS/10.0 X-AspNet Version : 4.0.30319 ...
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Make SharePoint a pure WebDAV-server or avoid "We opened this workbook read-only from the server"

Don't stop reading - this is not the old "How can I stop Office opening my documents read-only from SharePoint"-question. Here's the background: We use SharePoint (2013 as a matter of fact, but I ...
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Strict-Transport-Security Header for SharePoint 2013

I'd like to add a HSTS header to our SharePoint 2013 Foundation on prem install, but can't seem to find a way to do this. I've seen a lot mention this in other questions - $wa = Get-...
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How can i implement "Cache-Control: no-store" and either "Pragma: no-cache" or "Cache-Control: no-cache" response directives

So our security team had an investigation in our sharepoint site and one of the things they've mention is DESCRIPTION "The application does not implement “no-store” and/or “no-cache” setting for ...
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Rest API Send Headers which are needed to be then returned by API

Is it possible to send Request-headers to SharePoint Rest API which will be then present with the same value in the response? Here is an example what I want to do: getUserId: function (loginName, ...
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Copy major version of document to another library & preserve document history

This question keeps being asked with respect to different SharePoint versions. In my case I want copy a document from a 'working library' ( not searchable) to a published versions library, once it has ...
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SharePoint 2013 REST no permission to POST siteuser

I am trying to POST new siteusers to <sp_url>/_api/web/sitegroups(6)/users. I have managed to do so using the chrome rest client application addon. The request contains following headers and ...
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SP2013 Toolbar keeps loading invalid http json response headers for commandui.ashx

Dear smart people out there, we published SP2013 via UAG 2010 sp4. The toolbar keeps showing 'Loading ...' In javascript there is a Deserialization error. My http response for the commandui.ashx ...
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Sharepoint app REST Authorization Header

I have developed a Sharepoint app that I installed on my sharepoint site for testing. I filled it with data and now I want to run REST queries on my app with Postman in Chrome. Once I am logged in to ...
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Does Content Link within Content Editor Web Parts Leave a HTTP Referer?

Our SharePoint site has multiple Content Editor web parts that use Content Link to call ASP scripts on a different web server. Example: has Content Editor web part #1. ...
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"The XSS Auditor refused to execute a script in..." from Chrome when using <script> tag in content editor webpart

Embedding javascript in a content editor web part triggers XSS Auditor error in Chrome when editing any webpart on the page containing the content editor web part. Steps to reproduce 1 - Use newest ...
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What is the correct way to block all HTTP Headers (ASP.Net and SharePoint) from a particular web application extension?

I have been involved in two projects recently which have required the removal of all HTTP Headers which can identify the site as either an ASP.Net site or as a SharePoint site. This is normally as a ...
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