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Hard disk for SharePoint 2013 Server in a two-tier Farm

Microsoft recommends a minimum 80GB of disk space for System drive (C:) for a SharePoint Server 2013 (Web+App Server). doesn't that affect system availability in the future.
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2016 Development Environment Requirements

Our company plans to move on to SP2016 from SP2013. For development we have a workstation for each developer like desktop Intel i5 4 cores + 8 GB (2x4) of RAM. For 2013 that machine was configured in ...
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Infrastructure Requirements for SP2013

What are the hardware requirements to implement a SP2013 Hybrid architecture farm with below : Should be a medium farm with 2 WFE 1 App SQL Cluster ADFS server AD Reverse Proxy.
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Production SharePoint 2013 Drive and space allocations

I'm setting up SP 2013 with 2 App servers and 2 WFE servers. I'm allocating 100GB for the system drive on each box since they always fill up so quickly! But I'd like to get your thoughts/experience on ...
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Hardware requirements for a SharePoint 2013 Production environment [duplicate]

I'm having trouble finding some concrete information on what the minimum hardware requirements are for a production SharePoint 2013 environment. I'm talking number of servers in the farm. I see the ...
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SP2010 minimum hardware req on vSphere

I had a read on and there are some statements like (page 10) "Allocate the minimum requirement for production ...
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Correct Hardware/Software Requirements for Educational Purpose

My Questions are: Is Hardware requirements—database requirement below enough? Which software requirements I should use: Single server with built-in database, Server farm with a single server in ...
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Minimum real world system requirements for SharePoint 2013

I've checked the SharePoint requirements here: which are apparently the "minimum" requirements, but I've seen some blog posts claiming to have ...
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Firefox connection reset over hardware load balancing and SSL

We have set up farm with 3 WFE's. Web apps are load balanced by hardware balancer with SSL. Assuming that our web site is, we have our applications configured as follows: HTTP ...
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Computer's Requirement Enough for Sharepoint 2010

Goal: Using the new laptop to be enabe to use Sharepoint 2010 Purpose: Improve my knowledge by using Sharepoint 2010. Drop and click and C# coding will also be involved when working with ...
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Proper hardware for productive development?

What hardware do I need for building an efficient local SP development environment? Requirements CPU: How many cores? Xeon vs i5/i7? HD: What SSD would you recommend? Should they be RAID0? RAM: I ...
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Ideal Server Specs for Sharepoint Server

We are about a month to the deployment stage of our Sharepoint Server. What would be an ideal specification (memory, HDD, etc.) for the Sharepoint Server that will serve about 130 employees. We are ...
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How many servers with what kind of hardware do I need?

I work for a small contracting company, and we typically work inside existing farms with existing IT infrastructure to do high level overhauls of bad SharePoint work. We've been hired to build an ...
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How to choose a development computer for a SP 2010 environment?

I'm looking for a descent development computer that targets SharePoint 2010. The computer must be a laptop and does not have to rely on a domain controller (or at least not all the time). What are ...
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