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Documentation on system fields in SharePoint Online

Although it looks as a trivial question, I cannot find any detailed documentation on all system fields defined in SharePoint Online. There are only available scarce and outdated tables with field ...
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SharePoint Online: Guidance on using "classic" UI libraries in "modern" experience

Are classic APIs like SP.UI.Notify.addNotification supposed to be used in the modern experience of SharePoint Online or are they deprecated? Is there documentation about this anywhere? ...
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Postsharp AOP and Sharepoint 2010

I have tried to use PostSharp v2 to implement some aspect oriented programming inside a SharePoint application: pretty basic stuff, like logging aspects for unhandled exceptions and such. I noticed ...
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Suggested virtual disk setting for VMWare VM used as a development environment for Sharepoint 2013

I want to set up my development environment for sharepoint 2013 on a VM; my environment specification are as follow:- • A laptop with windows 7 professional 64x • The laptop has 670 GB harddisk • ...
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Powershell to list GUIDs of lists and libraries but how to separate

Working on a script that will dump out all of the lists and libraries in a site, I found the script on Mike Smith's Blog:
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I need to create a custom calendar in sharepoint2010 for scheduling Appointments for a Marketing Firm

I need to create a custom calendar in sharepoint2010 for scheduling Appointments for a Marketing Firm, but I'm still unexperienced on SharePoint development. For my requirement be able to add date ...
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SPContext.Current vs SPContext.GetContext

To get current SP objects (SPWeb, SPSite, SPList etc), I generally use SPContext.Current. In some situations, SPContext.GetContext is preferred because SPContext.Current have many objects null ...
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Best practices when creating Site to use as a template

I'm creating a site that I'll eventually use as a template to create other sites from it. The site will contain lists, workflows, user groups, content types etc etc. I want to make lots of clones ...
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Sharepoint 2010 - Related fields in dropdowns. How to?

In my UI I have a dropdown which contains some values: A, B, C. There is also another dropdown in the page whose values depend on the selected value in the first combo. If I select A in the first ...
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ServiceLocator in Sandbox: is anyone experiencing RemotingExceptions?

I posted an issue on SP Guidance tracker after quite some searching, but I saw several unanswered issues there so I'm trying here as well. I think I have a very simple Proof Of Concept: a Sandbox ...
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Is it possible to use SharePoint Logger from MS P&P SharePoint 2010 Guidance Library when user is not authenticated?

I am working on custom authentication for SharePoint 2010. And I found very useful to use SharePoint Logger from MS P&P SharePoint 2010 Guidance Library. It works fine when I get instance of ...
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New to Sharepoint

Being new to sharepoint, and there being an urgency in my learning the technology quickly, where is the best place to start... Books to buy, sites to research from etc not sure whats out there? I know ...
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what is the best way to learn SharePoint development

Can you please tell me what is the best way to learn SharePoint development and also some reference sites or books.
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Guidance on renaming the multitude of databases generated by SharePoint 2010

SharePoint 2010 appears to continue SharePoint 2007's tradition of automatically creating horribly named SQL Databases. Like many companies we have multiple farms and developer workstations connecting ...
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Problem installing patterns & practices SharePoint Guidance

I'm having trouble setting up the Partner Portal. I got a System.NotImplementedException when I ran the setup script. Can someone shine some light on this? I am running VSeWSS using the local machine ...
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