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Modern list view does not correctly group and sort items

I have set up a view (modern experience) on a list in a SharePoint Online site, grouping by a 'Meeting Date' column and sorting on a 'Time' column (ascending order) then 'Requirement' column (...
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Group by a calculated column and sort with swedish vocals

Environment: SharePoint 2019 - Modern Experience - Modern List I've created a calculated column for grouping items alphabetically but when I group by this column the group are not sorting right the ...
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Hide Number Count Total in SharePoint Modern Experience List

I have a list in SharePoint modern experience, and my customer wants the total count, which appears in parenthesis (), to not display. I've seen scripts that work for 2013 or 2010, but using the ...
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"Group by" Link to open a popup box which displays a list of all documents under the group-by

Please can you be able to assist me. I have been asked to configure a "Group by" link of the document library webpart, so that when users click on the hover on the link, a popup (I dont know how to ...
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Viewing SharePoint document in more than one "group by"

I will try and explain this as best as I can. I am a SharePoint moderator for my team. We have over 150 documents/links in 1 central library. Now based on the certain parameters of a document, it ...
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How to use GroupBy in lookup field

I have a lookup column and i want to use groupby for that lookup column in rest api. Anyone suggest me how to do this?
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