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When a site is provisioned SharePoint doesn’t really copy the pages for that site (i.e. default.aspx) into a new database table or directory. These files exist only once on each of the front end web servers. Instead SharePoint creates a reference to those files in the database tables that define the new site. This is called “ghosting”.

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Understanding ghosting, unghosting, site pages and application pages

well I know definitions of these terms as mentioned: Ghosted pages: Pages which are on file system and not on content db. Unghosted pages : pages which are on content db. Application Pages : normal ...
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How to check if a page is ghosted

We are trying to resolve some performance issues at a remote site. One thing that we suspect could be causing the performance problem is page ghosting. Is there some way to see if the pages that are ...
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Ghosting and unghosting in SharePoint 2010?

Is ghosting behaviour in SharePoint 2010 exactly the same as in SharePoint 2007?
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Re-Ghost an UnGhosted Customized PageLayout?

I have a development environment, a test environment and a production environment. I develop packages in the development environment and update the solution in the test environment. As it turns out my ...
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Reset a page to site/feature definition programmatically?

I'm looking for a way to programmatically reset a page to that page's site/feature definition, without using SharePoint Designer. There must be some sort of API that can do this, but my Googling ...
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Ghost existing file in hive to new site from custom template?

I'm developing a Web Template, extending the Blank template. I had some code in a web feature receiver to place webparts on the web's default.aspx but ran into a similar issue to this: the page ...
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Ghostable and Unghostable Pages

What are Ghostable and Unghostable Pages? Is there a listof pages which are Ghostable and Unghostable? How would I know whether a page is Ghostable or unghostable? If we just add a document to a ...
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Moved ghosted files in 14 hive - now get 404

I've got a feature deploying a module containing a page layout file, which it 'places' in /_catalogs/masterpage/ using GhostableInLibrary. (So it doesn't actually go in the catalog, it stays in the 14 ...
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Accidentally removed the List View web part from the Reusable Content popup - How can I restore it?

I was working on a project to provide Up Button functionality for the list view web part, and ran across this functionality in the Reusable Content popup. I opened reflector and set to work to reverse ...
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Default List pages (NewForm.aspx/EditForm.aspx) and breadcrumbs

All, My understanding of SharePoint is that NewForm.aspx/EditForm.aspx et al. are Application Pages that for each List are initially fetched from the Hive directly and processed by ASP.NET, but can ...
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How to revert accidental page unghosting?

How can I resore ghosting of a page back if I accidentally unghosted it? Will its deleting and recreating restore ghosting and remove copy of changed page from database? Update: Searched for ...
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Ghostable via Object Model

Is it possible to set a file as Ghostable/GhostableInLibrary via the Server Object Model? I don't see any properties on SPFile that seem to fit the bill. I know you can do this via an XML module, but ...
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Possible to upload and replace a ghostable file in the style library?

As title says, I have a file which is the same name/type of an already existing file in the style library (image, for discussion sake). I get an error when attempting to upload a file via the UI (file ...
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Error when opening sites, default.aspx resource not found

I have a server setup with wss 3.0, and I'm experiencing a problem accessing the home page of any site (default.aspx) or anything listed under the _catalogs folder accross all sites on the server. ...
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Ghosting Problem with PageLayout in SharePoint 2007

I create and edit my SharePoint project in Visual Studio 2008. We deploy the solution through the STSADM command line tool. I am creating a new PageLayout that is based of off a masterpage. I create ...
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PublishingWeb GetAvailablePageLayouts won't give the complete available layouts list

I have a problem with the PublishingWeb.GetAvailablePageLayouts method. When I call it, it misses a couple of layouts I have deployed in my style library folder. Let me explain: I have a feature ...
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SharePoint 2010 Deployment will not update Master pages because SPFile.CustomizedPageStatus is 'None'

We have the following scenario and are hoping someone can help: Original 2007 Publishing Site content database upgraded to 2010 Page templates in use have never been Ghosted because they were ...
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