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When a site is provisioned SharePoint doesn’t really copy the pages for that site (i.e. default.aspx) into a new database table or directory. These files exist only once on each of the front end web servers. Instead SharePoint creates a reference to those files in the database tables that define the new site. This is called “ghosting”.

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Understanding ghosting, unghosting, site pages and application pages

well I know definitions of these terms as mentioned: Ghosted pages: Pages which are on file system and not on content db. Unghosted pages : pages which are on content db. Application Pages : normal ...
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Re-Ghost an UnGhosted Customized PageLayout?

I have a development environment, a test environment and a production environment. I develop packages in the development environment and update the solution in the test environment. As it turns out my ...
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Moved ghosted files in 14 hive - now get 404

I've got a feature deploying a module containing a page layout file, which it 'places' in /_catalogs/masterpage/ using GhostableInLibrary. (So it doesn't actually go in the catalog, it stays in the 14 ...
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