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FieldUserValue and FieldLookupValue get data

foreach (ListItem item2 in items2) { /*var myitem = item2["Author"] as FieldUserValue[]; foreach (var x in myitem) { ...
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Get most recently created list item with MS FLow

I am new to Flow and want to use it to retrieve a single list item and copy it's contents to another list on a different site. I have found many guides explaining haw to retrieve all the items in a ...
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GetListItem Through Soap

I tried to get list item through soapUI program. My request <soap:Envelope xmlns:soap="" xmlns:soap1=""> &...
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Sharepoint JSOM, reusable function to get list items, only working for 1 list

I am currently working on a custom intranet that will have at least 5 jsom calls needing to be made on it to different lists. I have managed to create a function that successfully takes in the ...
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SharePoint 2013 REST endpoint URI structure. How to get list with localized title?

I can not understand how to work with localized lists. Using the article from msdn, everything works fine if my list has a title in English. But if I want to localize the sheet, I can not take the ...
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How many items (LIST) this current month

Its possible to know how many items will end this current month? with REST GET URL $filter= Test GET URL: /_api/lists/getbytitle('nameList')/items?$filter=Date_x0020_de_x0020_remise%272017-02%27 ...
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How to only retrieve body field value using GetItemById?

I am making application page that add, edit, delete the list items. Now I want to make Edit page, and I retrieved the Title and Body value. But in body value, it returned like this. <div class="...
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Get all items from a folder using REST

Currently I am using REST in order to get item titles in the Pages directory. The problem is that it is pulling all the elements that are in the pages directory and I only want it to pull from a ...
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How to configure CAML Query Options to show items inside specific folder

I wrote a java program that uses SharePoint's Lists web service. Right now, this is my CAML Query : <Query> <Where> <Contains> <FieldRef Name='FileDirRef'/>&...
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How to get all list using SPContentType

I have created WebPart in which I'm getting list item. I'm passing list name manually. Now I'm trying to get all list which are associated with SPContentType. I have created custom SPContentType with ...
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Sharepoint : application page could not find SPList

I have an application page: ApprovedReassessments with this url : http://.../Sites/spain/_layouts/pw/ApprovedReassessments.aspx and I have a library : DropDownLibrary with this url: http://.../...
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SPServices GetListItems from External List causes HTTP 500 Internal Server Error

My function only works when I'm using my SP_ADMIN user. But when I'm using another user I receive the following error message from the console: 500 (Internal Server Error) What's wrong with this ...
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Unable to get list using CSOM on SharePoint 2013

I'm trying to get a list using CSOM in a SharePoint 2013 that was migrated from 2010. This is the code that I'm using, and it is working in all my environments except this one. function ...
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