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Need help adding Hover-function to Gallery Card in SharePoint Online

I need help with adding a Hover-function that lets you display all of the text inside $Description when hovering the mouse over the gallery card in SharePoint Online. Would anyone have knowledge of ...
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Require help in showing thumbnails on folders in Gallery view

I have created a gallery view. All the folders are showing a simple folder icon. I want to show unique pictures as thumbnails instead of a simple folder icon. Kindly help
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Display multiline column in the Gallery view

In my SPO List there is a multiline column (Multiple lines of text). The column is not visible in the Gallery view. Is there anything I can do about this? Some JSON maybe?
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Format SP list gallery view

I'm trying to format a gallery card in SharePoint to the columns side by side, I tried several approaches but didn't manage to get it working. What I have is this: What I want it to look like: The ...
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JSON for header and body in my MS List

Can someone share the JSON with me for achieving the following setup for my Microsoft list (see image below): I want to create a section in my header and show two different buttons and the image/...
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SharePoint list in Gallery view does not respect item limit setting

I have one quick question for which I am not able to find a solution now. It seems to me, when any SharePoint online list or Microsoft List in Gallery view is used, cards does not respect configured ...
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