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PowerApps Form - Multi Select People Picker Field - How to split these values into two separate Text Labels

I have a PowerApps form (customized SP form), where I have a multi-select people picker field (Approvers) - The user may select up to 2 Approvers. I also have two text labels beneath it. I want to ...
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1 answer

PowerApps Form Validation - Not on Submit

I have an App (PowerApps) that includes 8 different Forms on 8 different screens that the User freely navigates and fills out info. Among these Forms are several different Required Fields. I'd like ...
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1 answer

I am using an IF function for a column but its giving me an error and I am not sure what the problem is. Can someone please help?

My formula: =IF(AND([Column 1]="Low",[Column 2]="Low"), "No", IF(AND([Column 1]="Low",[Column 2]="Medium"),"No", IF(AND([Column 1]="...
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The Function Sum(IF(AND())) Statement is not calculating correctly

If my [STARTDate] = 12/24/2020 AND [ENDDATE] =1/4/2021 It gives me a total of 3 days. SUM( (IF(AND(DATEVALUE("12/24/2020") >= [STARTDATE],DATEVALUE("12/24/2020") <= [...
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Using Count values in another function for my Chart.js Pie Chart

Using Chart.js to display a Pie Chart. However, I'm hard coding the data values. Below is the entire code: $(function(){ //Start Data Pull //End Data Pull //get the pie chart canvas var ctx1 =...
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1 answer

unable to concatenate the first 3 characters of one list field with another list field in shareoint infopath form

I am trying to concatenate a designator field that combines my autonumbered index field with the first 3 characters of my group field Index field automatically incremented current Highest index +1 I ...
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1 answer

Cumulative sum of a column

What function can I use to create a calculated column [Cumulative Meters] that will sum [Meters] for each row? I can only seem to get a single overall sum for [Meters] using the Totals tool in ...
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What is the difference between a SharePoint Specialist, Consultant and Engineer? [closed]

What is the difference between these job functions: SharePoint Specialist vs SP Consultant vs SP Engineer? I am really confused and which one pays better?
8 votes
2 answers

SPFx - How to call function on button click event from ts file with React

How to call function from ".ts" file for button onClick event in tsx file? this is my function in ts file: public button_click(): void { alert("CLICKED!"); }