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Questions tagged [firefox]

Firefox is a web browser which can be used to access a SharePoint environment. Use this tag for Firefox specific questions.

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remove the 'x' in people picker (in chrome and firefox)

I have a test form on a SharePoint site provided with some JavaScript code which shows how to disable and grey out sections in a form. I am trying to remove the 'x' in the people picker section using ...
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Load / NTLM Auth / cache issue in Firefox and Sharepoint on premises

I am experiencing a very weird issue when trying to access sharepoint on premises from new Firefox version (Quantum >v60.0), (browser runnig on a windows computer). SCENARIO: Firefox is correctly ...
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Firefox SSO/NTLM auth to SharePoint Foundation 2013 Web app

I am facing isse with my FireFox SSO/NTLM auth to Sharepoint Web App. It works fine for IE and Chrome. I been tryng newest version of FF and oldones version like 47 or 46 and same result. I was ...
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Document Library Sync does not work in FireFox of Safari

I am trying to sync a document library to a Mac. I have tried on Safari and Firefox. I am logged into the Mac with an account that is an admin on the machine and a user of the website that has ...
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jquery not working in firefox

I have the below code filtering a library in sharepoint 2010. <script src=""></script> <script> google.load("jquery", "1.2.6"); google....
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Insert Sharepoint list item is not working in Firefox

I have created the visual web part and SharePoint custom list.and I used the angular js.The list item is not getting saved in Firefox. save item code is: var clientContext = new SP.ClientContext(...
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White Space at the bottom of the Page in FireFox

I am using SharePoint 2013 Enterprise for Internet Facing website. It is working fine in all browser other than FireFox. In firefox it show extra white space at the bottom the page. When page load it ...
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Issues editing Sharepoint 2007 on a Mac

I've just had a MacBook Pro with Yosemite set up for work, I regularly edit our company SharePoint site which runs on SharePoint 2007 but having trouble doing this compared to using IE on the work ...
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2 answers

Cannot clear name from PeoplePicker on Firefox 43.04, 44

Working with a PeoplePicker (PeopleEditor) in SharePoint 2010, I can assign a value through the address book, and manually typing. Submitting the page to update the record this control is tied to ...
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1 answer

Sharepoint 2013 IE shows different URL

When I open my SP with Internet Explorer and navigate through my navigation, IE always shows an other URL as the link has (always add the link with a # at the end of the URL) - Please see picture ...
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3 answers

Presence indicator not working in Firefox but works in IE

Lync presence indicator works fine in IE but does not work in Firefox or Chrome. After reading blogs I know that it calls name.dll through ActiveX which is possible in IE directly. I have searched ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Input Textbox, Chrome and Firefox

This is possibly the most annoying (albeit not the worst!) thing I've encountered. I've embedded a textbox (input element) in a webpart and it's going about it's business quite nicely. That was until ...
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1 answer

Site not working in Firefox

I am getting lots of error in console when see my site in Firefox. This site makes use of a SHA-1 Certificate; it's recommended you use certificates with signature algorithms that use hash functions ...
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1 vote
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updatepanel not working

I had made a list view in sharepoint 2010 which takes first name and last name as input fields. We can add multiple names. For that I have created an update panel to asynchronously add names at front ...
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when multiple CheckBoxes within a repeater control is checked the .aspx page will refresh in chrome browser

I am using a repeater control in a web part. The repeater control contains a checkbox. when I select more than one checks in the repeater checkboxes the page is getting refreshed. This happens only in ...
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401 error accessing SharePoint in Firefox on mac

I'm currently getting a 401 error when I try to access my SharePoint site on Firefox on mac. Usually when I login on a windows computer using FF I'm prompted to enter credentials, but for some reason ...
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Tasks lists not showing in Firefox

I have been using our Sharepoint site on Firefox ever since we set it up a few months ago. Same for my coworker except he uses Chrome. Just a few days ago suddenly we can't see Tasks when we open ...
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Page Viewer WebPart Not Consistent

I have been working on a particular aspx page that I put at /_layouts/mydir/mypage.aspx I have a virtual-folder in IIS under Sharepoint that points to the aforesaid address, which allows me to load ...
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Getting a white page on IE 10, Firefox and Chrome

When trying to open a SharePoint URL on IE 10, Chrome and Firefox, the browser is displaying a white page. Page is loading correctly on IE 8. Also, this issue is occurring on my machine only. I tried ...
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Searchbar doesn't work with firefox

I have a trouble with the searchbar in sharepoint 2010. When searching with IE it works as it should but when using Chrome or Firefox the query adds &amp; instead of & resulting in that ...
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Word document can't be checked out via Firefox

On a SharePoint Server 2010 a user tries to open a Word document from a library that requests checkout. He is using Firefox: clicks on the document the document opens in read only mode in the Word ...
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Bad cursor position in SharePoint 2013 Note Board (FireFox)

I'm trying to post a note in SharePoint 2013 Note Board (using FireFox 19 version), the mouse cursor goes out of the text input area. Screenshot: ...
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Does SharePoint 2013 work with Firefox on Ubuntu?

Does SharePoint 2013 work with Firefox on Ubuntu? I found the question about SharePoint 2010 interesting, but is SharePoint 2013 worse or better than SharePoint 2010 when it comes to Firefox support ...
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2 answers

Problems logging into SharePoint using Firefox - even with ntml set

I'm struggling to log in to SharePoint using FireFox. On entering the URL I get prompted with username and password, but when entering these the logon dialog keeps popping up and the page is not ...
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SP2010 autologin with FireFox

I need to use auto log on for a bunch of computers that run FireFox as default browser. The BIG PROBLEM is that all of these computers aren't part of the domain, but they all exist in a workgroup. (...
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