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Questions tagged [file-system]

A file system (or filesystem) is used to control how data is stored and retrieved

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1 answer

Move documents from SQL database to file system

I have a SQL database server for the SharePoint 2013 on-premise site. The amount of BLOB data is huge which is slowing down the SQL server and hampering system's performance. I want to migrate and ...
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Issue with copying multiple files using Power automate

I have a requirement to copy modified files from SharePoint to shared network path. When i execute this using Power automate in a loop, first file content is being used for other files and leading to ...
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Power Automate - Unable to access Folder structure of mapped SharePoint site with custom ports on SharePoint server 2019 using On Premise Data Gateway

I have mapped a SharePoint 2019 site library on SharePoint Server File system and using On-Premises Data Gateway, I want to create files in that mapped network folder using Power Automate. If I mapped ...
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Where an uploaded image stored?

I need to know where an uploaded image usually stored ? I can't find it in file system. Only what I've got after saving is some changes in AllDocs table of SP database. To be precise: Id ...
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Export libraries and documents into filesystem preserving fields

I'm exporting some DOCX documents from site and subsites to filesystem, I would like to preserve: the site/library/file structure in the form of subfolder hierarchies fields (latest version, original ...
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How to rename and bulk-import files from file system to SharePoint?

We have files that are named like this: AB0371v12 Client Standard Operating Procedure.docx AC2110v2 Deliveries to Western Region.docx RB2010 Facility Tours.pdf I'm looking for a tool that will let ...
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2 answers

Debugging the ribbon

I've inherited a farm where previous "admins" decided to make undocumented changes to the file system to protect users under the guise of governance. This meant removing ribbon options like Workflow ...
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