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Field Customizer extensions provides modified views to data for fields within a list.

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SPFx Field Customizer - issue with loading customizer, manifest not found

I implemented field customizer for list, tested it locally where it works, and then deployed to Sharepoint Online. There I have following issue: Fail to load customizer for column: myColumn, ...
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How do I step through a SPFX field customizer solution

I'm at a loss. I'm trying to follow the tutorial on switching from JSLink to SPFX. The code looks to compile fine, no errors after copying it. After I run gulp serve --nobrowser everything seems to ...
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Is there any way to apply field customizer to Thumbnails view?

I want to apply the field customizer to both Thumbnails view and Modern list view. Is it possible?
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Filter by field customizer column

I have an SPFx field application customizer that renders some custom text in a column. The column is created with a feature in the extension. Is it possible to filter on that text in the list later on?...
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SPFX Field Customizer: how to get Id of item in list?

My question relates to SPFX Field Customizer: how to get full path of document in document library?. How to I get the Id of the item on which the Field Customizer applies? I have tried: event.listItem....
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Is there any way using column formatting if i can show it as a hyperlink

Hi I have a cascading lookup column in sharepoint modern view. That column is redering as html.I am new to column formatting and when i use this code it converts the whole html into link. What i want ...
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How to add a new template programatically via powershell

I am trying to find out, how I can programatically (via powershell) modify "New" menu. I would like to add my own templates, change order and rename them. I can do it via UI, but I need to be able to ...
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How to customize Modern forms? Field Customizer replaced CSR for views but what about forms?

In classic we had CSR (JSlink) for views and most of the forms. Field Customizers could replace CSR for list views, as described here: Migrating from JSLink to SharePoint Framework Extensions But ...
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Hide/remove shring option on a library

We have a special library where only a select few have access to. Then we learned that those select few can just share a file with anyone. Not good. I tried creating a custom permission level, but ...
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Users cannot view a customized List (needs add and customize page permissions)

I took over a SharePoint site that has customized code to display a list. About two weeks ago, I changed all the groups from "Edit, Contribute, Read, and Approve" permissions to "Contribute" because ...
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Associate Field Customizer with existing field using feature framework

According to Field Customizer documentation it is possible to associate it with existing SharePoint field using feature framework. But I am not able to make it work. I am trying to customize the "Name"...
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Can we use column formatter with command set customizer?

Can we use the listview command set extension to change the format of the view or column in SharePoint online? If yes, how? And is there any other way to create a template like feature for this? ...
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Is it possible to hide a column from a user group using SharePoint Framework Extensions?

Would this be possible using a field customizer? I haven't used SP extensions yet so if anyone has good resources/documentation that would be appreciated.
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Field customizer: Modify values before saving?

Is it possible to modify values before saving them to the list with SPFX field customizers? This would be very useful.
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Hiding out of the box actions from ribbon using Spfx extensions

My requirement: I want the user to enter the list but I don't want him to use the out of the box actions within the lists like creating flows, quick edit, etc. I would like a user to edit the items ...
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SPFx: Customize field behavior similar to JSLink in classic list forms

We use jslink on the field to customize the UI and behavior of fields on classic SharePoint forms and list views (cascading, colors etc.). How can we make this work in the Sharepoint modern experience ...
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