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A Federation is multiple computing and/or network providers agreeing upon standards of operation in a collective fashion.

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Sharepoint Farmname and Federationname in SP2013 on prem

We are trying to connect Azure AD to our Sharepoint 2013 on premise for SSO. We have done some research and its looks doable. But one thing we cant find. Can someone help us with questions below? ...
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O365 Cloud Accounts Fail To Log On When Accessing SharePoint Online URL Directly

When we try to use a account to log in directly to a SharePoint Online site we get redirected to our ADFS STS login page. This fails to log in with the correct credentials. ...
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Unable to fetch FedAuth cookie when running in timer job

We are fetching FedAuth cookie and we have a working code snippet. When we run it from a console application it works fine. But when we try to run it from a timer job it returns with response HTML ...
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SharePoint via ADFS - Ant SharePoint Functionality Impacted

We are exploring federating our on-premise SharePoint instance via ADFS -- there are many excellent technical SharePoint/ADFS guides available. Is there a list of SharePoint functionality that may be ...
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How to use Azure AD Tenant as Identity provider for on-premises farm

I've successfully set up Azure Access Control Service to use Facebook, Google and Live as Identity providers for an on-premise Claims aware Sharepoint web application. Next, I'd like to try and use ...
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Can SharePoint 2010 crawl and search SharePoint 2013 content?

I'm wondering if it's possible to join SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013 farm and then configure SharePoint 2010 to be a Search server that can crawl and search SharePoint 2013 content? Unfortunately,...
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