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Questions tagged [feature-scope]

SharePoint Features is part of Packaging and Deployment in SharePoint.feature Can be scoped to Farm, Web Application, Site Collection, and Web Site level.

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1 vote
2 answers

SecurityException occurred while installig timerJob

While i'm tring to install a TimerJob with the event reciever, i get this error: An exception of type 'System.Security.SecurityException' occurred in Microsoft.SharePoint.dll but was not handled ...
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2 answers

Run Timer Job on a specific Web Application

I have a custom timer job in which the scope of the timer job is "Web Application", which is defined in feature of timer job. Now When i have deployed the timer-job it runs for all the web ...
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0 answers

Why should we set Scope to 'Web Application' in Timer Job?

Though we are activating feature from web application still web(sub site) or site collection comes under the Web Application scope , what is specific reason to select scope as "Web Application" Thanks....
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2 votes
1 answer

How to move a feature from "Manage Site Features" to "Site Collection Features"

I have developed many custom web parts. These web part's features have always been placed in the Site Collection Features page under Site Collection Administration. For some reason a new web part i ...
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2 answers

Scope of Features at different level

Sorry for posting another "Broad" question in the community but I really want to know "What are the Scope of features at Web Application level, Site Collection Level and Site Level?" What I ...
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How to enable/disable sharepoint 2010 farm scoped features using powershell?

I've got all I need to know about the feature. I just want to enable it. When enabling site, web or webapplication scoped feature I use to call this cmdlet: Enable-SPFeature -Identity <...
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1 answer

Deploy solution across all the site collection in a web app

I have an environment in which we have 1000's of site collection. We also create new site collection. I want to deploy an event receiver which is available across all the site collections i.e web ...
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WorkflowHistoryList feature not activating

I'm trying to attach a standard Approval Workflow 2010 to a document library however the powershell script I am using is throwing an exception in the following spot: # Create Workflow History list if ...
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1 vote
2 answers

How do you decide the feature scope of event receiver?

We have event receivers for List, List field, List items, Web, Site and List email. How do we decide the feature scope of the event receivers? Is it best practice to set it to sitecollection or web ...
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