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Feature Dependency means a feature is dependent on another feature to work. In other words, unless the other feature is activated, the dependent feature won't work.

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Test-SPContentDatabase returns missing features... unremovable

Test-SPContentDatabase has found missing features. Some I can remove and some unremovable, because the script If($web.Features[$featureID]) or If($Site... doesn't find anything. I'm sure to copy ...
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Error occurred in deployment step 'Activate Features': Cannot complete this action

In my SharePoint 2013 solution (created from visual studio), I created a project that contains all the artifacts form my solution: I put in this project custom fields, custom content types as well as ...
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Unable to see timer job

I have created a custom timer job, which contains a feature. I have successfully activated the feature on my web application, but it does not show up under the job definitions. Feature.xml is as ...
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Why SharePoint can't activate a dependency feature, while upgrading a feature?

This question is regarding dependency feature activation, while upgrading a feature to latest version. Suppose, There is a feature called MasterFeature_0_0_0_0 and it is being upgraded to ...
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Custom WebParts that depend on custom lists

I have a web scoped feature that creates List instances based on list-Definitions and i want these lists to be created in a sub-site. I'm running into the issue that the custom web-parts that use ...
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How do I make new fields appear in the form based upon the selection of an option button in InfoPath 2010

I'm new to using InfoPath. I am looking to have new fields (both the label and control) appear in the form based upon a previous answer. For example: Do you like to go to the movies? then I have two ...
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Deployment Issue with Custom FIeld Types

SHORT DESCRIPTION Custom Field Types are not being correctly deployed/activated on all but one Virtual Machine. I have several VMs with identical SharePoint environments. I have a Visual Studio ...
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What are some of the best practices around feature activation and their dependencies

Specifically what are the do's and dont's for installing, activating, deactivating and uninstalling a feature. What are the problem areas of working with features and how do you handle.
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Feature Activation Logic (Prevent Activation)

I have three site collection features used to set branding throughout the site collection. I want to prevent the accidental activation of one of the features if one of the three is already activated; ...
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Stapled Web-scoped feature depending on Site-scoped feature: possible?

I have three features in a solution: A Web-scoped feature (A): has a FeatureActivated call to set up a site A Site-scoped feature (B): contains WebParts A uses A stapling feature (C): staples A to a ...
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