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Problems with External List and Creating New Item with Webservice

can anybody verify that inserting new Items through SharePoint Webservice Method Lists.UpdateListItems is errornous? I always get the Error: 0x80070057Bad parameter passed to Web Server Extensions....
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How to create new External Content Type on SharePoint Designer

I'm trying to create a new External Content Type on Sharepint Designer , but where I try to insert the web services wisdom into the "New Connection -> WCF Connection " I get the following error: "...
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Authentication between SharePoint O365 and external OData web service

We are using SharePoint Online (O365) with ADFS. We are also building an on-premise OData web service to provide data into the cloud as an External Content Type. We understand generally how to use ...
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Querying an External Content Type without creating an External List

The typical scenario, on which every tutorial and walkthrough seems to advise, is to create an External Content Type with ReadList, ReadItem, Create, Update methods and then create an External List to ...
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How can i retreive data from Web Server to my Intranet SP site

Would you please let us know the steps to connect a external Web Service that has specific attribute (GetAttributeProductsByID , GetAttributeProductsByName ... etc ) with an Intranet Sharepoint site ...
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BCS Question (changing data source of a web service)

We are going to be building a Web Service (on-premise) to connect our data to SharePoint online (o365) using BCS and OData. If we migrate our database from one location (in Oracle) to another (e.g. ...
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How to create an external data source based on a Web Service?

Can you please advise me "How to create an external data source based on a Web Service"? Usually WCF can be a data source, but I am not strong on WCF. Could I use the existing web service as an ...
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Error when adding new external content type from azure hosted service

trying to set-up and consume a web service within SP using azure hosted services. I have written really simple code which compiles and deploys as a package. Followed this excellent walkthough... ...
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