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Although Microsoft SQL Server is a highly efficient resource manager for structured data in a SharePoint content database, a large proportion of data files are represented as unstructured binary files—that is, binary large object (BLOB) data files.

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Custom indexing Connector for Azure Blob not crawling

I am creating a custom indexing connector for Azure blob. It works fine if i just specified URL for single blob e.g. for myblob:// ...
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Remote Blob Store implementation. How to get current SQL Server DB name?

We are trying to develop Remote Blob Store (next RBS) provider for SharePoint 2010 (SQL Server 2008). In EBS (External Blob Store which is deprecated now) there is possibility to take site collection ...
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Make me understand Remote Blob Storage (RBS)

So I've read the MSDN Overview of Remote BLOB Storage as well as the FAQ: Sharepoint 2010 Remote Blob Storage (RBS), but I still don't completely understand how RBS would manifest itself in Sharepoint....
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Do files uploaded count against your site collection quota if using remote blob storage?

There is a debate going on in my group as we plan to use SharePoint 2010. We want to use Remote Blob Storage (RBS) instead of storing files in the SQL tables themselves. If we use RBS, do the files ...
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EBS (External Blob Storage) in SharePoint 2007

(Urgent) A few Questions about EBS in SP2007: Link or document on how to configure EBS step-by-step? Are there any reusable libraries or providers already available?(for external storage) What are ...
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