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Extending the existing Web Application to different zone.

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Extending Managed paths in SharePoint Online

Can the managed paths in SharePoint Online be extended. I understand that "teams" and "sites" are the only available managed paths. Can we extend them to something like "Teams/abc/" and "sites/xyz/"...
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When to extent the web application

what is the best practice to choose whether to extend your web application? When we need to make our web Application as a public website for public users and keep one for portal admins, and when have ...
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Changes not reflecting to extended site

We have extended web application for FBA users. I did changes to master pages of main site, still the changes are not reflecting in extended site. What could be the reason? How can I make the ...
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Block windows authentication for anonymous users - SharePoint 2013

I have an application on SharePoint 2013. The main application has anonymous access and extended application is available only on intranet. Both application have Windows Authentication enabled. I ...
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SharePoint Web App extension, AAM configuration (and AD FS authentication)

I have a SharePoint web application configured with the following URL: http://test:1162 I have extetended the web app to the Intranet zone with the following site name: http://mysiteaddress with ADFS ...
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How to extend sharepoint 2013 web application and provide a different URL's to each extended web applications?

Can any body tell me how to provide different URL's to the each different extended web applications in different zones (intranet,extranet,default,internet) on SharePoint 2013. Since I am extending one ...
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Extended web application pointing to root site collection, Can point to another site collection?

I have a web application running on port 443 https with windows authentication, machine name is "localspdev" I have following site collections / (Root site collection) (HNSC) (...
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Extended web application low performances

A customer is using SP 2013 and I can see he extended his unique web application to another IIS site (for external access). This is his configuration : 1 SP Server hosting C.A + Intranet Website ...
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Making intranet accessible for a user on the outisde

At the moment I have a Enterprise Wiki in SharePoint 2013 server to use as a knowledge base. I can add all my users from the Active Directory to access the SharePoint site within the domain. Now I ...
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