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Questions tagged [excel-macro]

Questions relating to Microsoft Excel spreadsheet documents which contain macros.

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How do I save Excel Macro files created from "New" Button in Document Set into SharePoint

I have a libary in SharePoint with Document Sets. Inside of the document sets I allow for a custom content type based of "document". In the template for this custom content type I have a ...
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Retrieving local path of a file hosted on SharePoint

I am actually at the end of my rope here, I'd really appreciate any insight however small. The scenario is as follows. My company hosts the majority of its data on SharePoint. For config management, ...
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How to save Excel w/Macros to SharePoint

Good Day, I've reviewed the following questions Excel Macros in SharePoint and How to handle Excel sheets with macros and am still stumped. So... We have an Excel Spreadsheet that is full of macros ...
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Excel Macros in Sharepoint

I'm new to SharePoint, so even though I saw many posts on this subject, I didn't see any answer that seemed to actually apply necessarily to my question. So, our company has an excel workbook that is ...
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How to download original Document with macros while being in Excel Online?

I open an Excel file with macros in Excel Online, where I (correctly) get the message, the file contains unsupported features. But out of this situation I'm not able to download the original file with ...
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How to share MS Project macro?

I have created a macro in my MS- Project. I am admin. Now how can I make it available to be used by other MS- Project users of my enterprise? Macro is created in Global file/template.
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Running VBA macros on Local Machine Not Working

I am a regular user of Sharepoint and OneDrive and have been a VBA developer for some time and I have the following problem: When I run macros stored in Word and Excel macro-enabled templates on ...
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