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Columns imported to new list from Excel do not appear in default form

I imported an Excel spreadsheet into a Sharepoint list. Only two of the columns actually appeared in the default edit form. The "Edit Columns" option doesn't give me the ability to enable ...
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SharePoint Lists and Excel

I have a SharePoint List of Training Competencies that I am importing into Excel. My intention is for the List to act as the master for all the competencies and an Excel sheet for each trainee. When I ...
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Import encoded images in SharePoint Rich text (HTML)

I try to import RTF in SharePoint ListItem, like this My History field contain some HTML, that I can open in a navigator without problems: <br><font size=4 face="Verdana"><b&...
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Migrating the items of a SharePoint 2013 to a SharePoint 2016

I am willing to migrate documents and functionalities of a SharePoint site from a 2013 version to a 2016 version with site’s peculiarities, steps, and first unsuccessful attempts detailed below. Would ...
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Import more than 10000 records from excel to sharepoint list using client side scripting

I have 32 columns and 10000 more rows. And i tried using xls.core.min.js to import data to sharepoint list. At a time i can import 4000+ only. After that it got aborted. I have checked the below site. ...
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Bulk uploads in XML Form libray

I would like to know how can I import 500 records (in an Excel file) to XML form library in SharePoint Online. This XML form library was created with InfoPath 2013.
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Sharepoint 2013 - how to import Excel file and preserve "parent-child" reference?

I faced with the following issue. I've got a CSV file with structure like: ID|Name|ParentID I would like to import this file into Sharepoint list (and create this list while importing) + I need to ...
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